UniForum '97

The Official Conference and Exposition for Open Systems Professionals

Call for Proposals and Presenters

Tutorials - Workshops - Seminars - Track Sessions - BOFs
March 10-14, 1997 - Moscone Convention Center - San Francisco

The UniForum Association invites presenters to submit proposals for its annual conference in the following general areas of Unix and open technologies:
One and Two-day Conference Workshops, Tutorials and Seminars will take place March 10-11, while Track Sessions and BOFs will run March 12-14.

About the UniForum '97 Conference

The UniForum Conference is the largest educational event of its kind for the practitioner in the enterprise who is working with, or plans to work with, Unix systems and open technologies. The Conference attendee will have a computer systems background, but not necessarily Unix systems experience. The attendee will be loking for substantive, practical information that can be applied on the job or used for strategic planning and/or procurement.

Proposals for the UniForum '97 Conference sessions should target this audience. Proposals that are case study oriented and which call for participative feedback are preferred.

What Your Proposal Should Include

Your Proposal should identify the type of session you are interested in giving: multi-day or single-day Workshop, Tutorial or Seminar; Track Session or BOF.

Your Proposal should include a paragraph description about the technology to be discussed, its open technology connection, and a problem/solution case statement that speaks to how the technology works in the enterprise. A target audience should be named with pre-requisites, if any. A brief presenter's background should give pertinent information on expertise and conference experience.

How to Submit Proposals

The preferred method is to send your Proposal via e-mail (ASCII) to: conference97@uniforum.org

Or by mail to: Claudia Marshall, Conference Coordinator, UniForum, 2901 Tasman Dr. #205, Santa Clara, CA 95054. Your submission will be acknowledged.

For more information go to the UniForum home page: http://www.uniforum.org or send inquiries to conferences@uniforum.org