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The UniForum '97 Conference and Tutorial program is the place to learn about the latest advances in Unix and Open Systems and how they will integrate with your current environment. This program will address the concerns of IT professionals--executives, managers, technical staff, and developers who need to choose, implement and maintain the hottest and most flexible products, services, and technologies in support of today's fast moving business opportunities. Attendees will immerse in key subject areas and come away with new insights, valuable information and practical examples that can be put to use immediately.

UniForum '97
Conference Tracks:

Profile of the UniForum Conference Attendee:

The Conference attendee will have a computer systems background, but not necessarily Unix systems experience. The attendee will be looking for substantive, practical information that can be applied on the job or used for strategic planning and/or procurement.

Your Proposal Should Include:

Proposals for UniForum '97 Conference sessions should target this audience. Proposals that are case study oriented and which call for participative feedback are preferred.

Your Proposal should identify the type of session you are interested in giving: multi-day or single-day Workshop, Tutorial or Seminar; Track Session or BOF.

Your Proposal should include a paragraph description about the technology to be discussed, its open technology connection, and a problem/solution case statement that speaks to how the technology works in the enterprise. A target audience should be named with pre-requisites, if any. A brief
presenter's background should give pertinent information on expertise and conference experience.
Send your Call for Proposals by July 30th to: conference97@uniforum.org

UniForum '97 Tutorial Program
Give Us Your Input

UniForum has established a reputation as a leading provider of technology training presented by the most knowledgeable and respected leaders in our industry. Unlike other industry conferences, the educational programs are specifically designed and tailored for UniForum's members. We listen to our members and plan our programs and services with your critical needs in mind. We are able to
deliver what you want to learn, when you want to learn.

Play an important role in the development of the UniForum '97 program. Let us know which of the following technical seminars would benefit you the most.

Choose Your Topic(s):

1. Accelerated Hands-on Perl Programming
2. Java Programming
3. Designing and Building Your Enterprise Web Server
4. Understanding and Implementing SGML
5. Intranets - Building Internal Web Sites
6. Enterprise Security
7. Building Internet Firewalls
8. Introduction and Advanced Deployment of Cryptography
9. Electronic Commerce Components
10. Building a Successful Data Warehouse
11. Managing Multiple Operating Systems
12. Choosing and Integrating Windows NT and Unix
13. Developing Apps for use on Windows NT and Unix
14. Understanding the Distributed Computing Environment (DCE)
15. Network and System Administration
16. Disaster Recovery and Planning
17. Using SNMP and Intelligent Agents for Systems Management
18. Performance Management and Tuning
19. TCP/IP Administration
20. Object Middleware: CORBA and OLE
21. Groupware
22. Data Center Management
23. How to Prepare for The Year 2000

Choose Your Format Preference:

Level: Advanced, Intermediate or Novice
Preferred Format: Lecture or Hands-on
Certificate Training: Yes or No

Tell us what you want.

Send your choices by July 30th to: conference97@uniforum.org.
Or, if you have a particular subject that is not mentioned, include your suggestions and recommendations.