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In a surprise announcement last December, Microsoft agreed to support somebody else's software. What is it about Java that even Microsoft cannot ignore it? Java certainly has gained mindshare. This modern technology has received mega attention in the media including Business Week, Fortune and Wired publications, to name a few.

Java is a new programming language and environment that allows for interactivity on the Web. As a successor to C and C++, the designers of Java took great pains to remedy some of the woes of earlier languages. And they appear to have succeeded, producing a robust, efficient, truly portable, and potentially secure language. This software can support vitually everything including spreadsheets, tutorials, animations and interactive games.

Sun's team recently wrote HotJava, a Web browser, in Java. What makes HotJava different is its ability to safely upload and execute code segments--"applets." HotJava adds windows, animation and programming capability to the Web. HotJava is an example of why Java is a revolutionary approach to programming. Client-server applications will never be the same!

About this Program

This training program provides an overview of Java and HotJava. Attendees will become familiar with Java and should be able to understand it quickly. Java builds upon other object-oriented languages, which means you must understand how to take advantage of object-oriented techniques. Java also borrows lots of syntax from C and C++.

This course begins at the beginning, with the application. You'll work through live demonstrations of increasingly sophisticated programs, learning about the nuances of Java at every step.

Besides new syntax, the Java Developers Kit includes almost three hundred classes, similar (but not the same) as programming libraries. Some will be familiar, like the math or input/output classes, but others make programming in Java easier than other languages. The classes make network programming a snap compared to C, and the Advanced Windowing Toolkit makes GUI writing as simple as other high-level toolkits.

You will learn to

Who Should Attend

Web masters, web developers and planners, information developers, client-server developers, user interface, applications programmers, and system administrators.

Course level: Intermediate


Attendees should have C or C++ programming experience. Object-oriented experience helpful.

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