UniForum Open Systems Products Directory

The only single source vendor neutral Directory still in publication, the Open Systems Products Directory is perhaps the single most valued part of UniForum membership. You get access to over 8,700 products and services from over 2,200 vendors. You'll find complete indexes for products, vendors and key words, plus a brand new Operating Systems index that quickly leads you to just the right product for the system of your choice.

As a service to UniForum members the entire Directory is available via the World Wide Web. The extraordinary value of the Directory is now as close as your computer screen. What's more, the Directory's database is updated frequently, thus allowing you to have access to the most up to date information anywhere (without having to wait until the next printed edition).

If you are a General Member of UniForum and your WWW client has the required functionality, you may register to use the Directory during this session. The registration form is here.