QA Fortran

CPU: HP-PA RISC, IBM RS/6000, Intel 80x86, Mips RISC, Sun SPARC

Operating Systems: HP-UX, IBM AIX, SCO Unix, SGI Irix, Sun Solaris 2.x

QA Fortran is a software quality tool for the Fortran language. It provides extensive and flexible automated programming standard enforcement while offering 37 metric calculations to quantify software quality. QA Fortran's error checking capability (approximately 600 issues) promotes 100 percent ANSI compliance and improves portability and maintainability. QA Fortran provides a foundation for the integration of quality assurance testing in software development and maintenance environments. QA Fortran identifies where to deploy redevelopment and re-engineering resources.

Price: $6,000

For more information, contact ASTA, Inc.

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