QEI Exec

CPU: DEC Alpha AXP, DEC VAX, Motorola 88XXX, Sun SPARC

Operating Systems: DEC OpenVMS, Motorola Unix, Sun Solaris 2.x, SunOS, UTS

QEI Exec extends the QEI concept by incorporating hierarchies of project data. Catering for any number of summarization structures (e.g. WBS/OBS), it interfaces to data sources such as project management or financial systems. The following facilities are provided at all levels: budgets and estimates; baselining; actuals and commitments; earned value, SPI and CPI. Data, including structures themselves, can be viewed or modified at any level. If modified, results are immediately rolled up through any affected structures. Navigation is simple, with facilities for drilling down a structure or changing the view to a barchart or network.

Price: $7,500 and up

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