QualGen - Quality Analysis Tool

CPU: HP-PA RISC, IBM RS/6000, Intel 80x86, Motorola 88XXX, Sun SPARC

Operating Systems: BSD Unix, DEC Ultrix, HP-UX, SCO Unix, Sun Solaris 2.x

QualGen - Quality Analysis Tool helps users manage the quality of software development projects by providing an extensive quality analysis and reporting mechanism. QualGen automatically analyzes Ada source code at any stage of development to extract over 200 predefined metrics, and provides the capability of tracking project specific metrics (e.g. from a trouble report system, or cost accounting system). QualGen has over 30 predefined reports that enable the user to view tabular or graphic presentations of quality metrics, and allows users to define their own reports.

Price: $5,000 and up

For more information, contact Software Systems Design, Inc.

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