QBMS General Ledger (Q/GL)

CPU: DG Aviion, HP-PA RISC, IBM PowerPC, IBM RS/6000, Intel 80x86, Intel Pentium, Motorola 88XXX, Pyramid RISC, Sun SPARC

Operating Systems: Altos System V, DEC Ultrix, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Interactive Unix, MS-Windows NT, SCO Open Desktop, SCO Unix, Sun Solaris 2.x

The QBMS General Ledger (Q/GL) module is a complete tool for collecting, managing and reporting of accounting information. This module not only simplifies the entire accounting procedure, but also produces reports that are used to examine a firm's financial picture in detail. Q/GL is integrated with the QBMS Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets and Inventory modules. Q/GL supports: up to 13 accounting periods with a user-defined accounting calendar; multi-segment account numbers, profit centers and sub accounts; and original and revised account budget information for the current year and future year(s).

Price: $1,800-$72,000 License fee

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