QNX Realtime Operating System

CPU: Intel 80x86, Intel Pentium

Operating Systems: QNX

POSIX: 1003.1, 1003.2, 1003.4

The QNX Realtime Operating System 4.2x is a real-time, POSIX-certified, network-distributed OS that can be easily scaled from compact embedded systems up through vast networks running hundreds of processors. Consisting of a 10K microkernel and a team of modules, QNX provides priority-driven scheduling and responsive context switching (5 usec. on an i486/66). QNS supports multiple networks (such as Arcnet, Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI) simultaneously. Modules are available for TCP/IP with NFS; the X Window System with Motif, data acquisition, and Photon microGUI, a full-featured embedded windowing system that takes up only 300K of RAM/ROM.

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