Quanta Wholesale Distribution Software

CPU: Intel 80x86, Intergraph CLIPPER

Operating Systems: DOS, Esix, Interactive Unix, Novell UnixWare, OS/2, SCO Unix, SCO Xenix, Unisys Unix

Quanta is a fully integrated system designed for vendors in the bridal apparel and accessory market. It includes work orders, purchase orders, inventory and sales analysis and all accounting functions; real-time order processing allows item status verification. Order entry permits specifications to be added to each line item ordered while tracking additional charges to be applied. Verification files prevent the entry of invalid style/color/size combinations. Control files allow user customization of the software. Electronic order tie-in with Mill Village's point-of-sale systems is available.

Price: $1,295 and up, Retail

For more information, contact Mill Village Systems

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