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UniForum Announces Worldwide Expansion of Educational Training

Santa Clara, Calif. - September 9, 1996 - UniForum Association announced today aggressive plans to expand it's open systems training throughout the world. Since the Professional Training Series program was introduced in 1995, over 500 technical professionals from 150 leading corporations have attended.

UniForum's expansion in Europe began this summer with their Danish Affiliate - DKUUG. From August '96 through September '96, two popular technical courses are being offered, "Java Programming" and "Building and Designing Your Enterprise Web Server" first in Denmark and then in the United Kingdom. The latter course will be presented with cooperation with EurOpen.

Beginning in this month, UniForum will launch it's newest addition to the training program, "The Best of the Web". This one-day seminar is designed exclusively for marketing and management executives to learn and implement successful strategies on the web. The seminar is being offered in five cities across the United States: Scottsdale, AZ, September 27; Chicago, October 2; New York, October 4; Atlanta, October 14; and San Francisco, October. 16.

The goal of UniForum's Professional Training Series is to give information systems professionals an opportunity to come together in a simulating learning environment with some of the industry's most knowledgeable and talented instructors.

The Series, a unique, technical curriculum with hands-on and lecture based programs, will return once again from October through November '96. Topics include, "Introduction and Advanced Cryptography", led by Bruce Schneier, author of Applied Cryptography, offered in Santa Clara, CA October 21; "Advanced CGI and Web Programming in Perl", co-instructed by John Stewart and David Kensiski, Cisco Systems, Inc. offered in San Francisco, October 28-29; "Accelerated Java Programming", led by Rik Farrow, well-known lecturer and author; offered in Cleveland, October 28-29 and again in Ft. Worth, November 6-8; "Accelerated Perl Programming", led by Dan Keller, consultant, offered in Ft. Worth November 4-5.

UniForum Addresses Critical Training Issue
The need for professional training has never been more apparent. In today's make-or-break business environment, information technology managers are being asked to learn more to do more. In commenting on why the UniForum Professional Training Series and its other educational events are so valuable now, Michael Tilson, president of UniForum's Board of Directors and chief information officer, SCO, said, "As a founding member of UniForum I know what our members really need. Training and education for those who must procure, implement and manage IT infrastructures in the enterprise is vitally important. UniForum is committed to providing its members with the highest quality and innovative open systems training available."

About UniForum
UniForum, the International Association of Open Systems Professionals, is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1980. Today, it represents many thousand of vendors and users of open systems. UniForum's mission is to help individuals and their organizations increase the effectiveness of their information systems through the use of open systems, based on shared industry standards. Central to UniForum's mission is the delivery of high-quality educational programs, trade shows and conferences, publications, on-line services and peer group discussions.

For more information about UniForum and the educational training, contact UniForum, 408-986-8840, or refer to our Web Page: URL: - under - conference and seminar training.


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