Call for Proposals

****DUE BY: March 21, 1997****

UniForum Association Announces:

IT Horizon '97 Symposium, Workshop and Solutions Showcase -
"From the NC to the Networked Enterprise:
Thin Clients, Robust Servers, Universal Access"

June 9-11, 1997
Red Lion Hotel, San Jose, CA

The IT Horizon is a three-day event that focuses on advanced emerging technology and issues on the horizon that will have the most significant impact on IS over the next year and into the next century. This Symposium will provide vital insights into today's ever-changing business environment through a single, highly focused event where IT executives, managers and technical staffs can interact with industry experts and visionaries, evaluate successful case studies and practical uses of the technology, and to gain mindshare.
The "IT Horizon '97" focuses on the opportunities and impact of using NCs:Thin Clients in the enterprise.

Symposium Audience: Managing technology change in the enterprise requires a collaborative effort among three IT constituencies. The Symposium will deliver the information vital to each of these groups:

The unique needs of these three audiences will be addressed in a three-track program entitled, "Management, Technical and Case Studies." In addition, there will be a CIO Program, Technical Workshops and a Solutions Showcase.

The Symposium (June 10-11):

Track One: "IT Management Horizon -
Strategic Implications: Thin Clients, Robust Servers, Universal Access"

This two-day educational track is optimized for IS Managers who are, or will be, implementing NC and Thin Client environments. This is a unique opportunity for IS Managers to learn about the business and technology issues associated with thin clients from industry experts, and to network and exchange ideas with colleagues.

Track Two: "IT Technical Horizon -
Implementing Thin Clients, Robust Servers, Universal Access"

This two-day educational track is optimized for IS Technical Staffs who are, or will be, implementing NC and Thin Client environments. This track is where "planning" evolves into practical information on installing and administering the Thin Client environment. This track is complimented by 4-5 in-depth workshops.

Track Three: "Horizon '97 Case Studies -
Practical Applications of NCs: Thin Clients, Robust Servers, Universal Access in Business"

This two-day track of presentations will provide a forum for all attendees to review a wide range of existing NC:Thin Client projects and environments presented by the companies that are implementing them. This track will provide a unique opportunity for attendees to learn from the experiences of companies pioneering the NC and Thin Client technologies. In-depth case studies will be presented by companies in the following industries:

The CIO Program (June 9):

"CIO Horizon '97: Strategic Business Implications of theThin Client Environment"

Where 'strategic thinking' evolves and Corporate IS planning begins

This forum will provide senior IS executives with a unique opportunity to learn about the NC:Thin Client revolution from leading industry experts and visionaries, to evaluate practical case studies of thin clients in action, and to network and exchange ideas with colleagues. Subjects will focus on strategic implications on the company's business and technology directions, and explore the issues CIOs need to know in planning a move to this new approach of network computing.

The Technical Workshops (June 9):

"IT Horizon '97 Solution Intensive Workshops: Skills Development for the NC, Thin Clients, Robust Servers, Universal Access Environment"

The full-day technical workshops are designed for technical staff providing in-depth training.

Solutions Showcase (June 10-11):

The Solutions Showcase will highlight the "thin client environments in action." A select group of exhibitors will be invited to participate.


Proposals for the IT Horizon '97 Symposium sessions should target the audience outlined in this CFP. Proposals that are case study oriented and which call for participative feedback are preferred.

Your Proposal should identify the type of session you are interested in giving: symposium session (technical, management or case study) or single day workshop (technical or business oriented).

Your Proposal should include a paragraph description about the technology to be discussed, it open technology connection, and a problem/solution case statement that speaks to how the technology works in the enterprise. A target audience should be named with pre-requisites, if any. A brief presenter's background should give pertinent information on expertise and speaking experience.

Send your submission(s) by March 21 to Deborah Murray, Director-Professional Training, UniForum Association, 2901 Tasman Drive, Suite 205, Santa Clara, CA 95054 -OR- e-mail: -OR- fax: 1-408-986-1645.