Accelerated Hands-On Perl


(Practical Extraction and Report Language) is an interpreted language optimized for scanning arbitrary text files, extracting information from those test files, and printing reports based on that information. It is also a good language for many system management tasks.

About This Program

This course teaches the foundations of Perl programming through a series of case studies and practical examples. Attendees will construct a realistic data processing package for a business. The essential components of the language are introduced as they are used for data management, entry, and reporting.

Programming is best learned by example. This presentation is task-oriented rather than the more common but less effective feature-oriented approach. As each mechanism in the language is presented, it is clear why it is needed, and the examples demonstrate it quickly.

No other Perl class (to our knowledge) covers this much material in such a brief time. Attendees emerge with practical skills and are indeed able to write Perl programs of their own.

You will learn to

Who Should Attend

System administrators, application programmers, authors of Web forms and advanced Web applications, Web masters, web developers and planners, and client-server developers.

Course level: Intermediate


- Some programming experience - Use of text editor (any editor is acceptable)
- Familiarity with programming platform
- Fundamentals of shell programming (at least some of) - Basic notions of I/O in Unix

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