About the Instructors

Introduction & Advanced Cryptography

Bruce Schneier is the president of Counterpane Systems, a consulting firm specializing in cryptography and computer security. He has an extensive clientele including Merrill Lynch, Oracle, National Semiconductor, Intel, MCI, Compaq Computers, etc. He is the well-known author of Applied Cryptography and a contributing editor to Dr. Dobb's Journal and Computer and Communications Security Reviews.

Advanced CGI and Web Programming

John Stewart is the lead system administrator for the Customer Engineering Division at Cisco Systems, Inc. supporting a worldwide computing environment. John also devotes much of his time to the external World Wide Web development team in Advanced Customer Systems doing software development and security investigations. He has published technical papers in artificial intelligence and computer security, presented technical papers at Sun World, Systems and Network Security (SANS) and UniForum conferences, and the USENIX Security Symposium. Prior to joining Cisco, John worked for the NAS (Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation) Facility at NASA Ames Research Center.

David Kensiski is a senior system administrator for Cisco Systems, responsible primarily for the care and feeding of the myriad Web servers that make up Cisco Connection Online. When he's not busy patch a kernel here or restoring a RAID array there, he doubles as a part-time manager of the Web re-engineering project. Formerly he was the network design engineer for the State Government and University Systems division of MCI, where he designed and developed integrated systems solutions for MCI, including CampusMCI ­p; a nationwide dial-up Internet service provider. David has taught numerous Web courses for UniForum as well as various industry conferences. He has served as a member of the program review committee for LISA X and the SANS Network Security Seminar.

Accelerated Java Programming

Rik Farrow first became involved with Unix in 1982 and has been a faithful user ever since. Since 1987, he has taught courses about Unix security for UniForum, Usenix, Interex, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish Unix user groups, US WEST, the IRS, the US Courts and the National Security Agency (NSA). He was one of the first instructors to teach JAVA programming. He was the technical editor of Unix World Magazine and continues as a columnist for Unix World On-Line. Rik has published two books on Unix Security and Unix System Administration.

Accelerated Perl Programming

Dan Keller has been a consultant in the Unix industry for 18 years. His work has included training development and delivery, software development, systems analysis, system administration, and database design. His clients include SGI, HP, Apple, Sun, Texas Instruments, Arris Pharmaceutical, Genentech and AT&T, to name a few. Dan has taught various courses for UniForum Association and has received rave reviews.