Sustainable Web Publishing

Using SGML to Achieve Cost-Effective Internet and Intranet Publishing


Space is Limited: Course is limited to 18 students

Course Introduction and Overview:

Many Web publishing initiatives produce Web pages using adhoc tools and methods without standardization or automation. It is possible to create professional looking Web pages with low up front costs and immediate results, but this strategy runs into problems when Web publishers want to reuse, revise or retarget their material. This is where the strategy of sustainableWeb publishing comes in, based on a powerful enabling technology such as Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) to support authoring, assembly and delivery of complex technical information in a repeatable, automated way.

This intensive course provides attendees with an understanding of SGML and the developmental processes that support multiple delivery formats for the same information, significant information reuse, and robust Web site strategies. This course is aimed at technical implementors and covers both concepts and technical details. Strategies and tactics are explored through hands-on exercises and experimentation with a variety of tools and document types.

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for all computer professionals involved with the World Wide Web and the Internet including: web masters, web developers and planners, on-line publishing editors, intranet project managers, programmers who have to make the intranet work, internet strategizers, information developers, client-server developers, applications programmers, network and system administrators and managers, and those individuals who are thinking of building a Web server.

Course Level: This course is technical with a management orientation, aimed at SGML novices
Prerequisites: Some programming experience helpful

Course Outline:

All topics are reinforced with student activities, including syntax exercises, computer exploration and group problem-solving sessions.

Day One:
*Sustainable Information Delivery: The use of SGML as an enabling technology
*SGML Details: Storage structure, semantic structure and parsing
**Syntax tutorial
**Live SGML documents

Day Two:
*Using SGML to support serious Web publishing
**Dynamic document assembly
**User-customizable delivery
**Link management (includes introduction to HyTime linking model)
*Developing a sustainable Web strategy: Two case studies
**Component data sheets
**Certification test preparation

About the Instructors:

**Marcy Thompson is the manager of consulting and training at Passage Systems, Inc., a provider of end-to-end solutions for organizations developing on-line and electronic publishing strategies. Ms. Thompson works primarily with customers who use SGML as an enabling technology. She has been principal designer for successful on-line publishing systems in the manufacturing, aerospace, automative, computer software, semiconductor and R&D organizations, and has developed a complete curriculum of courses concerning SGML and related technologies.

**Arofan Gregory is an SGML consultant and publishing specialist with Passage Systems, Inc. Mr. Gregory has ten years of experience in commercial publishing, including both editorial and production roles. His expertise in developing automated processes makes staff involved with the Web more efficient and effective.

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