This Step-by-Step Course Helps You Position Your Marketing for EXPLOSIVE RESULTS from the WORLD WIDE WEB...

Many companies report hundreds, even thousands of new customers from Internet pages.

Day One: Successful Business Strategies on the Web
Day Two:Tips, Tricks and Techniques to Achieving Success on the Web
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Day One: Successful Business Strategies on the Web

Heads You Win, Tails You Lose
Having a presence on the World-Wide Web is now a requirement for any company that wants to increase market share and establish a global presence.

How to Hit a Moving Target
Web sites that were acclaimed for their design and innovations in July 1996 will miss the mark when evaluated using today's standards.

The Seven Deadly Sins
Setting up a Home Page and designing sub-pages isn't all that's needed to be successful and effective. In fact, your basic setup may steer visitors away from your marketing messages.

New Game, New Rules
The integration of Web sites into business operations requires that companies take a new look at who designs and manages this global asset.

Excellence in Action
Every marketing manager and executive should have a Web site checklist handy to measure progress and plan for the future. Join us for a discussion of the criteria you can use to evaluate your own Web site and see a detailed on-line review of some of the best and worst business sites on the Web.

Day Two: Tips, Tricks and Techniques to Achieving Success on the Web

The Web has created an explosion in the number of software tools available to design, update and manage a Web site. But today's tools are not created equal--and some can actually increase your costs. Don't miss the second day of this seminar, where our leader will identify and discuss the best and worst tools available for site development and management.

The Manager's Tool Kit
Most business managers don't design Web sites--but knowing what tools are available--and what they can do--will ensure that you can manage your Web resources effectively.

Understanding Design Jargon
If you feel like your Webmaster is speaking another language, you're probably right! We'll review the jargon used by designers and Webmasters.

Graphics and the Web
A picture is worth a thousand words--and the graphical quality of your Web site can make or break your message. We'll discuss the graphical tools available to turn your selected logos and images into high Web-quality graphics.

Text and HTML Coding
Once a complicated process, coding HTML text today is almost is easy as working with your favorite word processor. You'll learn the tips and tools that are used to code text in HTML formats.

Special Effects
Delivering audio, video and virtual reality on the Web is the watchword for many companies. We'll review some of the hottest technologies available in this area.

Going Live
The challenges of a Web site begin once you go live. You'll learn the new generation of visual Web management tools and why they are a "must have" for any manager responsible for the Web.

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