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"Network Computers: Thin Thin really in, or is Fat still where IT is at?"

Santa Clara, CA - January 27, 1997 - "Network Computers: Thin Clients....Hype or Reality." This controversial topic will be addressed by a panel of leading-edge manufacturers, network and development suppliers, analysts and customers. Produced by the UniForum Association, this one-day, three city tour begins March '97 and features high-profile panelists: Bud Tribble, VP-JavaStation Architecture - Sun Microsystems, Inc., David Bernstein, VP Advanced Technology - AT&T, in addition to: Input Research, Wyse Technology, HDS Network Systems, Idea, Boundless Technologies and Unisys.

This informative presentation will cover the issues surrounding network computers and how this emerging technology can effect a strategic business environment as shown in actual case studies. Attendees will learn first-hand what these individuals have discovered about "Thin" Clients vs. "Fat" PC's and the latest strategies for distributed systems.

PC's vs. NC's
Industry research estimates the cost of running "fat" PC clients (source:Gartner Group) at $11,900 per pc, per year. The same study estimates the cost for running "thin" network computers at just $2,500 per pc, per year.

This program will unveil answers to the hype and reality behind network computers including: total cost of ownership; the best applications for the network computer environment; and security issues.

According to a recent Computerworld survey of 204 users found, "30% plan to purchase network computers in the next year. Those who plan to buy the devices said NC's could make up to 60% of their desktop purchases."

IS managers are buying into the thin client network computing strategy siting these advantages:

Program Locations and Dates
This program will be held in Santa Clara, CA; Boston, MA; and Austin, TX
(March 17; March 26; April 2, 1997 respectively).

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For registration and to view the program brochure, visit our Web site: (under conference and seminar training) -or- call Karen Clapes 1-408-986-8840, extension 30. Interested members of the press should call the Association for details regarding press admission (1-800-255-5620, extension 30).