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Latest Releases for Open Systems


Multidimensional Database

Information Builders has announced Focus Fusion, a multidimensional database. The product is suited for data warehouses and data marts that support operational business analysis. Focus Fusion offers OverLap technology, which allows users to drill through the database to relational and nonrelational data stores. Focus Fusion runs under Information Builders' EDA middleware and supports ODBC, ANSI/SQL and the World Wide Web.

Focus Fusion runs on IBM AIX, HP-UX, SGI Irix, SunOS and Solaris, SCO Open Server, Digital Unix and DG-UX. Pricing ranges from $37,545 for 16 users to $110,180 for 128 users.

Information Builders, Inc., 1250 Broadway, New York, NY 10001; (212) 736-4433.

Java Development

TakeFive software has introduced Sniff+ 2.2, a software development environment that complies with the Java language specification. The product includes a Java parser, seven browsers (including an inheritance browser), source code management tools, a documentation editor and the Java Developer Kit (Java class library, compiler, debugger, etc.). Sniff+ also complies with C and C++ code.

Sniff+ 2.2 runs on IBM AIX, SunOS and Solaris, HP-UX and SGI Irix. The price is $2,990.

TakeFive Software, Inc., 20823 Stevens Creek Blvd., #440, Cupertino, CA 95014; (408) 777-1440.

Linux Business Applications

Caldera has introduced its Internet Office Suite 1.0, a set of business applications with Internet-enabling features. The applications run native on Caldera's version of the Linux operating system. Internet Office Suite applications include Corel's WordPerfect 6.0 for Unix, NCD Software's Z-Mail, XESS Software's NExS spreadsheet and Metrolink's Executive Motif Libraries. Internet-enabling features provided with the product include the ability to author HTML documents with embedded URL hypertext links, export tables in HTML, and update spreadsheet cells from one workstation to another across the Internet.

Internet Office Suite 1.0 runs on Caldera Linux. The price is $329.

Caldera, Inc., 931 West Center St., Orem, UT 84057; (801) 229- 1675.

Network Security

McAfee has announced WebShield, an anti-virus application for network firewalls and Internet gateways. WebShield protects against virus-infected SMTP, FTP and HTTP traffic on a TCP/IP network. It resides independently of the network firewall, utilizing a dual-homed architecture system for additional security.

WebShield runs on IBM AIX, BSD/OS, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, DEC Alpha, NetWare and SGI Irix, as well as Windows NT. WebShield is priced at $3,995.

McAfee, 2710 Walsh Ave., Santa Clara, CA 95051; (408) 988-3832.

System Management

BMC Software has introduced Opertune for HP-UX and Sun Solaris platforms. Opertune is a dynamic tuning solution that allows HP-UX and Solaris users to make system changes without downtime. The product provides the ability to adjust system parameters manually without rebooting to implement configuration changes. It also provides a common interface across heterogeneous platforms. Prices start at $1,900.

BMC Software, Inc., 2101 CityWest Blvd., Houston, TX 77042; (713) 918-8800.


Qmaster Software Solutions has announced Qmaster 2.7, a middleware application for Unix and Windows NT networks. Qmaster provides process management for scheduling and printing, monitoring and control of batch processes and distribution of data across heterogeneous networks. Version 2.7 enhancements include additional alert/message capabilities and expanded support for registering forms and queuing forms on printers.

Qmaster runs on IBM AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, SGI Irix, SCO Open Server, Digital Unix and Sequent Dynix, as well as Windows NT. Prices start at $4,950.

Qmaster Software Solutions Ltd., 830-840 7th Ave. SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2P 3G2; (403) 264-8322.

Development Tool

CenterLine Software has introduced C++Expert, a development tool with error detection and code debugging capabilities. The product includes CenterLine's On-line Advice for C++, which checks developers' C++ code, and CenterLine's SourceWise three-way C and C++ error detection technology, which is designed to detect errors during the development cycle.

C++Expert runs on SunOS and Solaris. The price is $995 per seat.

CenterLine Software, Inc., 10 Fawcett St., Cambridge, MA 02138; (617) 498-3000.

Report Management

Open Systems Management has introduced COS/Report, a report management tool that provides generation and distribution of multiview reports. Reports can be divided into sections or views, which then can be selectively distributed to different users on a network. COS/Report includes security features that control who may generate, display, edit and distribute reports, as well as audit trails that verify when and where reports are generated.

COS/Report runs on IBM AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris and Sequent Dynix. The price is $300.

Open Systems Management, Inc., 1111 Third Ave., #2500, Seattle, WA 98101; (206) 583-8373.


SMP Servers

Hewlett-Packard has announced two HP 9000 servers, the Enterprise Parallel Server Model 21 (EPS21) and the Enterprise Parallel Server Model 30 (EPS30). These servers incorporate symmetric multiprocessing nodes and an architecture that is scalable up to 16 nodes. The EPS family is based on 120MHz PA-7200 processors. The EPS21 includes Fibre Channel networking technology, which, the vendor claims, enables a 266mbps link in both directions.

The HP 9000 servers run HP-UX. Prices for the EPS21 begin at $86,200 and for the EPS30 at $119,000.

Hewlett-Packard Co., 3000 Hanover St., Palo Alto, CA 94304; (415) 857-1501.

64-Bit Servers

Digital Equipment has introduced the Alpha 4100 family of 64-bit RISC-based servers. Running on 300MHz Alpha 64-bit microprocessors, the servers include 64-bit Very Large Memory with up to 4GB of memory capacity and can be clustered with other Alpha servers. The Alpha 4100 servers also include a 64-bit PCI I/O subsystem that provides up to 500mbps of bandwidth.

The AlphaServer 4100 runs Digital Unix, OpenVMS and Windows NT. Prices start at $44,500.

Digital Equipment Corp., 146 Main St., Maynard, MA 01754; 800-777-4343.

64-Bit Workstation

Hal Computer Systems has announced the Halstation 353, a 64-bit Sparc-based workstation that offers 3GB of main memory. The memory hierarchy provides 944mbps with an additional 400mbps reserved for I/O. Data transfer from the processor to the main memory unit is augmented by a four-way, set-associative cache and pipelined memory management unit.

The Halstation runs Hal Sparc64/OS, which is based on Sun Solaris. The price is $106,695.

Hal Computer Systems, 1315 Dell Ave., Campbell, CA 95008; (408) 379-7000.

Server Modules

Ross Technology has announced its Sparcplug system, a Sparc processor-based family of workstation add-in modules that fit in a full-height drive bay of a tower PC. Both the modules and the PC run off the same power supply and share data through Ethernet connections. The Sparcplug modules, which include software, are available as a Java development station, an intranet server, an Internet firewall/server, an engineering workstation or a 3-D graphics workstation.

Sparcplug workstation modules run SunOS and Solaris. The price is $5,500.

Ross Technology, Inc., 5316 Hwy. 290 W, Austin, TX 78735; (512) 349-3108.

Internet Server

Sequent has introduced the Internet Accelerator, an Internet server platform based on its Symmetry 5000 server. The platform can scale from two to 30 166MHz Pentium processors and can be configured with up to 3.5GB of main memory and up to 3.5TB of disk storage. The Internet Accelerator platform also includes software designed for supporting server functions for the Web, FTP, messaging, news and databases.

Internet Accelerator runs Sequent Dynix. Prices start at $250,000.

Sequent Computer Systems, Inc., 15450 S.W. Koll Pkwy., Beaverton, OR 97006; (503) 626-5700.

Optical Disk Drives

Concorde Technologies has announced a family of 5.25-inch optical jukeboxes that use 2.6GB capacity magneto-optical disk drives. A tabletop model is available, as well as four optical library (jukebox) systems with capacities that range from 40GB to 618GB. The optical library models include from four to 12 optical drives along with robotics for swapping optical media. All models include a SCSI interface and support write-once, read-many (WORM) disks.

The Concorde optical disk drives run with IBM AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Digital Unix and SGI Irix, as well as Macintosh and PC operating systems. Prices start at $2,950.

Concorde Technologies, Inc., 9770 Carroll Center Rd., Ste. F, San Diego, CA 92126; (619) 536-5500.