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    Publication Profile

    UniForum's ITSolutions is published by UniForum, the International Association of Open Systems Professionals, so it will come as no surprise that the magazine has a distinct point of view. UniForum's IT Solutions believes that open computing is the preferred model for business and that open technologies offer the choices end users demand.

    What will our subscribers find inside?

    Put simply, they'll find answers. Answers to their questions about how Unix-to-PC integration works; how mission-critical applications are built to solve business problems; how emerging technologies like the Internet and the World-Wide Web are revolutionizing the way people use computers on the job. Answers to how data can be moved, stored, retrieved, protected, and most of all how it can be used. Answers to how their peers are solving the problems presented by the unrelenting corporate drive to downsize, while simultaneously providing elegant computing solutions with fewer resources. Answers to how client/server architectures really can work and what the promises of emerging technologies like objects and middleware hold in store. And perhaps even answers to questions about the future direction of open systems and enterprise computing.

    UniForum's IT Solutions will be edited for the practitioner especially the IS department director who has never before been faced with so many demands. UniForum's IT Solutions reaches these audiences as well: the systems and network administrator whose job has become more complex as computers and telephony converge; the business owner who has to buy multivendor systems that are hard to understand, hard to afford and even harder to put together; and the channel partner who faces customer requirements that are more diverse.

    Every issue of UniForum's IT Solutions will address the needs of these readers through a series of full-length feature articles and fact-loaded case studies (see over). Supporting these will be a wide assortment of specific departments and regular columns that focus on new technologies, procurement policies, new products, legal issues, career choices, analysis, commentary, opinion and much more (see on below).

    UniForum's IT Solutions will be written by some of the industry's most admired writers, whose ability to get behind the hype and right to the hard issues of implementation will bring welcome insights to readers who just don't have the time to waste on trivialities.


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    What one reader has to say:
    "I would like to congratulate you on a fine publication, I have found it very useful in many respects. I own and operate a sportswear company. I have found it evermore complicated to choose the right system to suit my business. But your editorials, reviews, and suggestions from experienced business people have made things much easier."