New Products

Latest Releases for Open Systems


Data Warehouse Management

SAS Institute has announced the "Orlando" releases of the SAS System for Data Warehousing and the SAS System for Analytical & Technical Applications. The Data Warehousing product provides interoperability features, connectivity tools and database interfaces for data warehouse management. The Analytical & Technical Applications product offers a point-and-click forecasting system, a menu system for market research and tools for quality improvement and project management.
The products support HP-UX, IBM AIX and Solaris. Product fees are determined by the number of SAS System components that are licensed. The first-year license fee for base SAS software, which is required, starts at $985 for one work unit.
SAS Institute, Inc., SAS Campus Dr., Cary, NC 27513; (919) 677- 8000.

Development Software

AT&T has introduced a software toolchest, "Greatest Hits, Volume 1," which is designed to assist software development. The toolchest consists of 34 CD-ROMs that contain software tools in source form created at AT&T Bell Laboratories. Tools include escape, awk, awkee, unity-te, concurrent-c and others.
The Software Toolchest source code can be used in development for Unix platforms. The price is $495.
AT&T Software Solutions Group, 2 Paragon Way, #400, Freehold NJ 07728; (908) 577-2700.

Remote Access

ICL has introduced AccessManager for Remote Users, an application designed to provide secure, dial-in access to distributed networks. AccessManager is certified to the U.K.'s ITSEC E2 level, equivalent to the C2 level of the U.S. Government's Orange Book.
Access Manager for Remote Users supports Sun Solaris and SCO servers. The price is around $40 per user, depending on configuration.
ICL Enterprises, 11490 Commerce Park Dr., Reston, VA 22091; (415) 648-3300.

Software Development

Atria Software has announced ClearTrack, a client/server change request management (CRM) system that tracks defects and enhancement requests throughout the software lifecycle. Developers can record change requests, track development status and obtain metrics through query and reporting facilities.
ClearTrack supports SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, SGI IRIX, Windows NT and Windows 95. It is priced at $795 for the first single-user license.
Atria Software, Inc., 20 Maguire Rd., Lexington, MA 02173; (617) 676-2400.

Systems Availability

Clam Associates has announced Geographic High Availability (GeoHA), a software product that, the vendor claims, helps ensure continuous access to applications and data. The product allows servers to be placed in separate geographic locations. In the event of disaster, GeoHA automatically switches users to another location.
GeoHA supports IBM AIX. Pricing for a four-node cluster of servers in two locations starts at $150,000.
Clam Associates, 101 Main St., Cambridge, MA 02142; (617) 621- 2542.

Application Development

Antares has announced release 3.0 of its Huron ObjectStar software, an application development environment that facilitates the transition of mainframe and legacy applications to three-tier client/server environments. ObjectStar enables developers to build and distribute applications selectively, tier by tier and component by component.
ObjectStar supports HP-UX, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, Windows NT, Windows 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups. Prices start at $8,000 per developer seat.
Antares Alliance Group, 17304 Preston Rd., #1200, Dallas, TX; (214) 447-5500.

Error Detection Tool

ParaSoft has introduced Insure++ 3.0, an application for run-time error detection. It detects errors, including memory corruption and operations on uninitialized, null or loose pointers, as well as memory leaks, errors that allocate and free dynamic memory and operations on unrelated pointers.
Insure++ 3.0 supports SunOS and Solaris. Prices start from $1,995 for a single machine license.
ParaSoft Corp., 2031 S. Myrtle Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016; (818) 305-0041.

Metadata Management

Platinum has introduced its Repository/Open Enterprise Edition for open environments. The application provides metadata management in a three-tier client/server architecture where the application logic, repository engine and repository database can each reside on separate servers.
Repository/Open Enterprise Edition supports HP-UX, IBM AIX and Solaris. The price is $50,000.
Platinum Technology, Inc., 1815 So. Meyers Rd., Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181; (708) 620-5000.

Project Management

Digital Tools has announced AutoPlan II 3.0, Project Management for Workgroups. The product provides enterprise workgroup functionality, resource management capabilities and integration with the Internet and the World Wide Web, and multimedia for client/server environments.
AutoPlan II 3.0 supports Sun Solaris, HP-UX and IBM RS/6000. The product is priced from $1,495. Digital Tools, 10351 Bubb Rd., Cupertino, CA 95014; (408) 366- 6920.

Performance Management Tool

Aurora Software has announced SarCheck version 2, a performance management tool designed to assist the system administrator in the analysis of a Unix system's performance. SarCheck identifies performance bottlenecks, recommends parameter and hardware configuration changes and quantifies the amount of remaining system capacity.
SarCheck version 2 supports SCO. It costs $199.
Aurora Software, Inc., P.O. Box 1033, Plaistow, NH 03835; (603) 382-4200.


Century Software has introduced Term for Unix, version 6.2. It provides access to applications on Unix via terminal emulations such as SCO ANSI, Wyse 60 and 50, DEC VT220, VT100 and VT52.
Term for Unix supports Solaris Sparc and x86 Unix systems. The price is $695.
Century Software, Inc., 5284 So. Commerce Dr., Salt Lake City, UT 84107; (801) 268-3088.

Software Implementation

Park City Group has introduced the QuickStart line for the ActionManager business-operations automation family of software products. QuickStart helps users implement and deploy ActionManager through the use of point-and-click specifications for user interfaces and business rules, as well as through prebuilt templates that can be edited to accommodate business requirements.
QuickStart for ActionManager supports SCO Open Server and IBM AIX. Pricing begins at $100 on a per computer/per location basis.
Park City Group, 333 Main St., Park City, UT 84060; (801) 645- 2105.


Servers, Workstations

Hewlett-Packard has introduced the HP 9000 model EPS20 parallel server and the HP 9000 C-Class power desktop family of workstations. The HP 9000 server provides up to four-way symmetrical multiprocessing per node. The HP 9000 C-class workstations are upgradeable to the HP PA8000 processor. The products support HP-UX. Prices for the HP 9000 model EPS20 start at $19,715. Prices for the HP 9000 C-class workstations start at $13,640. Hewlett-Packard Co., 3000 Hanover St., Palo Alto, CA 94304; (415) 857-1501.


Sun Microsystems has announced the Sun Ultra workstation family, including the Ultra 1 and Ultra 2 systems. Based on the 64-bit UltraSparc processor, the workstations use "crossbar switch" technology to connect the CPU, memory, I/O and networking components to provide parallel data paths and low memory latency. According to the vendor, this technology improves workgroup server performance for network applications. Sun Ultra workstations support Solaris. Prices for the Ultra 1 start at $15,495 and for the Ultra 2 at $59,995. Sun Microsystems, 2550 Garcia Ave., Mountain View, CA 94043; (415) 786-7737.


Data General has introduced a family of Aviion servers based on Intel's Pentium Pro processors. Products include Aviion departmental servers and Aviion enterprise SHV servers. The basis of the servers is Standard High Volume (SHV) server boards which combine up to four Pentium Pro processors. The Aviion servers support DG/UX and SCO Open Server. Prices start at $25,000 for the departmental servers and $80,000 for the enterprise SHV servers. Data General Corp., 4400 Computer Dr., Westboro, MA 01580; (508) 366-8911.

Communications Servers

Integrix has announced the CS20E and CS1000 communications servers, designed for use by Internet service providers or by companies providing enterprise-wide desk-to-Internet connectivity. Both servers come with configuration scripts, plus built-in Ethernet and ISDN interfaces. The CS20E and CS1000 servers support Solaris. Prices start at $8,995 for the CS20E and $17,995 for the CS1000. Integrix, Inc., 1200 Lawrence Dr., #150, Newbury Park, CA 91320; (805) 375-1055.


Tatung Science & Technology has announced the SuperCompstation 20S/81 and SuperCompstation 20S/812MP, two Sun Sparcstation 20-compatible systems that incorporate the Sparc 85MHz chip. The workstations support Sun Solaris. Pricing starts at $16,315 for the 20S/81 and $21,365 for the 20S/812MP. Tatung Science & Technology, Inc., 1840 McCarthy Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035; (408) 383-0988.