Corporate Sponsors

UniForum thanks its Corporate Sponsors, who provide the knowledge, leadership and support needed to sustain an association dedicated to open systems education, promotion and adoption. We invite other companies to become Corporate Sponsors by calling (408) 986-8840, and we encourage you to visit the World Wide Web site of each of these organizations.

Vendor Sponsors

Amdahl Corp.

Bull Worldwide Information Systems

Chase Research

Computone Corp.

Cray Research, Inc.

Data General Corp.

DigiBoard, Inc.

Digital Equipment Corp.

EMATEK Informatik GmbH

Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc.

ENlighten Software

Equinox Systems, Inc.

FourGen Software Technologies, Inc.

Fujitsu Open Systems Solutions, Inc.

HaL Computer Systems

Hewlett-Packard Co.

Hitachi, Ltd.

IBM Corp.

ILOG, Inc.

IQ Software Corp.


Locus Computing Corp.

Mortice Kern Systems

Motorola Computer Corp.

Novell, Inc.

Open Software Foundation, Inc.

PowerOpen Association, Inc.

Pyramid Technology

The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.

SCH (Software Clearing House)

Sequent Computer Systems, Inc.

Softbank Comdex, Inc.

The Software Group, Ltd.

Specialix, Inc.

Structured Software Solutions, Inc.

Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Tandem Computers

Tenon Intersystems

Transarc Corp.

UB Networks

Unisys Corporation

Veritas Software

Work Group Solutions, Inc.


End-User Sponsors

Burlington Coat Factory

Information Service Center

Millipore Corp.

National Security Agency


Southwestern Bell

US West NewVector Group, Inc.