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Integration at a Glance

In seeking to create an open system for sharing clinical information, Kaiser Permanente Southern California has faced issues and found solutions that may apply to your organization.


To share data between a variety of incompatible clinical data systems without having to write and maintain custom interfaces between these systems.

To deliver HL7 data over disparate physical networks while providing security and network management tools that simplify additions to or deletions from the messaging infrastructure.

To make sure these objectives will meet the needs of a health care provider with 10 major medical centers and 2.2 million patients over a 10-county area.


Adopt the HL7 standard for passing clinical data messages, and require vendors to assure HL7 compliance.

Implement a DCE network protocol that will be independent of the underlying physical layer and can be built into servers and application software.

Implement a pilot project to test the messaging infrastructure, and prove the feasibility of the HL7 environment before attempting to scale it up to enterprise size.

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