New Products


Object-Oriented Applications

SunSoft has introduced the Networked Enterprise Objects (NEO) family, a development, operating, and management environment for object-oriented, networked applications. Products include Solaris NEO (the run-time environment for NEO applications), WorkShop NEO (a suite of object-oriented programming tools), and Solstice NEO (tools for object network and NEO application administration).
NEO supports Solaris 2 and Windows clients. Solaris NEO prices begin at $990. (Solstice administration tools are bundled with Solaris NEO.) WorkShop NEO pricing begins at $11,995.
SunSoft, 2550 Garcia Ave., Mountain View, CA 94043; (512) 345- 2412,

Telecommunications Tools

Hewlett-Packard has announced HP OpenView Managed Object Toolkit (MOT) 1.0, a development toolkit for CMIS-based telecommunications applications. Supporting HP OpenView Distributed Management (HP's telecommunications management network platform), OpenView MOT 1.0 is used for the development of agent and manager platform components.
It supports HP-UX, IBM AIX, SunOS, Sun Solaris, AT&T GIS Unix, and Bull Unix. Prices start at $60,000.
Hewlett-Packard Co., 3000 Hanover St., Palo Alto, CA 94304, (415) 857-1501,

PC Compatibility

Insignia Solutions has introduced SoftWindows 2.0 for Unix, a version of its PC- compatibility software. According to the vendor, SoftWindows 2.0 enables Unix workstations to run DOS and Windows applications. It also provides a way to standardize PC applications across the enterprise.
SoftWindows 2.0 supports Digital Unix, HP-UX, IBM AIX, SGI IRIX, and Sun Solaris. It also supports Novell NetWare, Microsoft LAN Manager/Windows NT Server, and Banyan Vines and Unix file servers. The suggested price is $549.
Insignia Solutions, Inc., 1300 Charleston Rd., Mountain View, CA 94043; (800) 848-7677, (415) 335-7105,

Data Warehouse Management

Information Builders has announced two data warehouse management tools: SiteAnalyzer and Enterprise Copy Manager. SiteAnalyzer helps data warehouse architects create designs by compiling statistics describing database usage patterns. Enterprise Copy Manager for Unix assists in the process of building and maintaining a data warehouse repository.
SiteAnalyzer supports IBI's EDA/SQL MVS environments. Enterprise Copy Manager supports AT&T GIS Unix, HP-UX, IBM MVS, IBM AIX/6000, Sun Solaris, Pyramid Unix, Siemens-Nixdorf Unix, and Windows NT. Prices for SiteAnalyzer range from $24,500 to $49,500. Enterprise Copy Manager prices range from $5,500 to $28,900.
Information Builders, Inc., 1250 Broadway, New York, NY 10001-3782; (212) 736-4433,

Database Access Tool

Simba Technologies has announced SimbaExpress, an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) application that enables access to multiple databases from the desktop. The product consists of SimbaClient (an ODBC driver), a data communications layer, and SimbaManager, the server component. Desktop computers using SimbaExpress can access data concurrently from several databases using the ODBC driver and one communications driver. Client software installation and maintenance can be controlled from the server.
SimbaExpress supports IBM AIX, SCO OpenServer, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, and Windows NT. The price is $2,995.
Simba Technologies, Inc., 2125 Western Ave., #301, Seattle, WA 98121; (206) 441-0340,

Network Security

DEC has introduced Digital Authentication Server 1.0, which provides network authentication service and security based on the Kerberos protocol to network users, servers, and client programs. It includes a master server, administration facility, slave server(s), password-management tools, user and administration tools, and development libraries.
Digital Authentication Server supports Digital UX, HP-UX, and Sun Solaris. The price is $9,100 for a typical configuration.
Digital Equipment Corp., 111 Powdermill Rd., Maynard, MA 01754-2571; (508) 493-5111, http://www/

Networking Solutions

Platinum Technology has announced PC-Enterprise, a networking product for Windows 95 that integrates multiple file systems and platforms for access to corporate data. PC-Enterprise supports Network File Server (NFS), Transarc AFS, and Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) file systems. It integrates Unix into Windows 95, Windows for Workgroups, Windows NT, and Novell NetWare networks. Single-user versions are $149. Multiuser, site, and corporate licenses are available for less than $100.
Platinum Technology, Inc., 1815 S. Meyers Rd., Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181; (800) 442-6861, (708) 620-5000,

Application Management

BMC Software has announced version 3.0 of Patrol, its application management products suite. Patrol 3.0 includes autonomous agents, management consoles, and agent-to-agent integration. It supports servers running UnixWare, IBM OS/2, Digital OpenVMS, Siemens Nixdorf Unix, ICL Unix, and Windows NT. Prices begin at $6,000.
BMC Software, 2101 CityWest Blvd., Houston, TX 77042; (800) 841-2031, (713) 918-8800; URL

Document Management

Alpharel has introduced FlexFolder, a document management application. Joining Alpharel's FileFolder product set, FlexFolder provides indexing as well as FileFolder capabilities such as network support and support of multiple types of clients and servers.
FlexFolder supports Sun Solaris, HP-UX, SGI IRIX, IBM AIX, and Macintosh. A typical installation of 100 users has a base price of $1,600.
Alpharel, Inc., 9339 Carroll Park Dr., San Diego, CA 92121; (619) 625-3000,

Network Management

Heroix has announced a version of RoboMon Unix with network manager integration. This version works with network managers such as NetView and OpenView to provide rule-based event management. It also provides the ability to generate SNMP traps.
RoboMon Unix supports IBM AIX, Digital Unix, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, and SunOS. Prices range from $500 to $10,000.
Heroix Corp., 120 Wells Ave., Newton, MA 02159; (800) 229-6500, (617) 527-1550;

Network Security

Qualix Group has introduced SecureWatch, which is designed to provide secure Internet access and connectivity for enterprise networks. SecureWatch combines FirstWatch, a network application that provides fail-over management with FireWall-1, a firewall application designed to form a barrier against unauthorized access between internal networks and the Internet. FireWall-1 is provided by CheckPoint Software Technology.
SecureWatch runs on SunOS, Sun Solaris, and HP-UX. Prices start at $25,595.
Qualix Group, Inc., 1900 S. Norfolk St., #224, San Mateo, CA 94403; (415) 572-0200,

Job Scheduling

Operations Control Systems has introduced the Express for Unix Fault-Tolerant Agent, a new option for the Express for Unix application, an automated job scheduling and workload management product. The Fault-Tolerant Agent increases fault tolerance on jobs running on distributed agents. It also provides options that allow job workloads to be balanced on Express for Unix agents.
Express for Unix Fault-Tolerant Agent supports HP-UX, IBM AIX/6000, SunOS, Sun Solaris, and AT&T GIS Unix. Prices start at $1,500.
Operations Control Systems, 560 San Antonio Rd., #106, Palo Alto, CA 94306; (415) 493-4122.


SMP Servers

Hewlett-Packard has introduced three symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) servers: the HP 9000 Model T520 high-end server and two midrange servers, the HP 9000 Models K210 and K410. The systems are based on HP's PA-RISC microprocessor technology.
The servers run HP-UX 10.0. HP 9000 Model T520 prices range from $145,000 for a uniprocessor configuration to $520,000 for 12-way SMP. Model K210 and Model K410 prices begin at $41,650 and $67,350, respectively.
Hewlett-Packard Co., 3000 Hanover St., Palo Alto, CA 94304; (415) 857-1501,

SMP Server

Data General has introduced the Aviion AV 10000 server, a Unix-based SMP system that scales up to 32 processors. The system can support 240 Clariion RAID storage subsystems with a combined capacity of 10TB of on-line disk storage. It has a 3.5GB memory capacity.
The Aviion AV 10000 server runs DG/UX. Prices start at $590,000 for a 16-processor configuration. The 32-processor systems start under $1 million.
Data General Corp., 4400 Computer Dr., Westboro, MA 01580; (508) 366-8911,

RAID Subsystem

Integrix has introduced the RD10, a RAID subsystem designed for the Sparc Unix platform. It has a 33 MHz R3000 CPU, a Solaris- based graphical user interface, and a one- million-hour MTBF power supply. RD10 is available in 6GB, 12GB, and 24GB sizes.
RD10 supports Solaris. It also supports an SBus fast, wide SCSI-2 disk controller interface for Sparc systems. Prices start at $12,595.
Integrix, Inc., 1200 Lawrence Dr., #150, Newbury Park, CA 91320; (805) 375-1055, (800) 300-8288;