January/February, 1997 UniForum's IT Solutions


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2000: Year of Migration?
Time is becoming short for businesses to resolve the Year 2000 date crisis. Some companies have seized upon this issue as an opportunity to migrate away from legacy systems.
by Alan S. Kay

Two Tiers or Three?
Client/server architectures can have two, three or more tiers. Which an enterprise should choose can depend on the type of application, number of users and even the World Wide Web.
by Philip J. Gill

Desktop on a Diet
The trend toward the thin client is provoking much discussion in computing circles. While the thin client offers advantages, not everyone is convinced of its suitability.
by Larry Stevens

Recentralization: A Trend in Reverse
Budgetary constraints and the need to maintain and control complex infrastructures are leading some IS organizations to put limits on distributed computing.
by Gael Core

A New World for IT in the Enterprise
UniForum '97 will reflect the dramatic changes that have occurred in open systems computing and suggest solutions to the new problems that have arisen.
by Richard R. Shippee


From the Director
A word from our Executive Director
The new UniForum event

Behind the News
Analysis of industry events
Supercomputing in a time of change
How to interpret market research

Member Views
Opinions of UniForum members
How threatening is the Year 2000 issue?

Information Technology Demystified
A report from our Technical Steering Committee
Applications evolve for the Web

Inside The Open Group
A report on emerging technology and standards
DCE does more than ever

Dealing with Client/Server
Issues in purchasing and implementation
How Microsoft views Java

Points of Interest
Internet resources for intranet builders
New column looks into the enterprise net

Standards & Technology
A look behind the scenes
Consortia impact the standards landscape

The Analyst's Couch
Unbound opinions from industry observers
IT trends as the century comes to a close


Corporate Sponsors
Current listings of vendor and end-user sponsors

Conferences, exhibitions, training and education

New Products
Latest releases for open systems

Affiliates and Alliances
The global backbone of UniForum