The Interactive Marketing Process on the Internet

Step 1
Segment and identify potential customers. Initial market research done by reaching relevant groups (Web servers, listservs, newsgroups).

Create promotional, advertising and educational material. Web page with multimedia effects (audio and video). Product information and complementary products, order forms and questionnaires.

Step 3
Put material on customers' computer screens. Push-based marketing: direct marketing using newsgroups, listservs and e-mail. Pull-based marketing: indirect (static) marketing using Web pages.

Step 4
Interact with customers. Dialogue with the customer through interactive discussion about various features offering endorsements, testimonials, questions and answers.

Step 5
Learn from customers. (Repeat customers are 80 percent of the customer base.) Incorporate feedback from customers in advertising and marketing strategy. Identify new markets, using experience in new product development.

Step 6
Provide online customer service.