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Latest Releases for Open Systems


Object Request Broker

PostModern Computing has announced Black Widow, an object request broker (ORB) that connects CORBA-compliant objects with the World Wide Web. With the product, small applications can be used from Web browsers to communicate with CORBA server objects implemented in Java or C++. Companies can bypass the HyperText Transfer Protocol and the Common Gateway Interface in favor of the CORBA Internet Inter-ORB Protocol.
Black Window supports SunOS, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Digital Unix and SCO Open Server, as well as Windows 95 and Windows NT. Prices start at $995.
PostModern Computing, 1885 Landings Dr., Mountain View, CA 94043, (415) 967-6169.

Data Migration

Evolutionary Technologies International has introduced Extract 3.0, a tool designed for the retrieval, transformation and migration of data across heterogeneous databases and systems. This release includes a graphical user interface and other features such as versioning and access to data about the database.
Extract supports Sun Solaris, HP-UX and IBM AIX/6000. Prices start at $250,000.
Evolutionary Technologies International, 4301 Westbank Dr., Bldg. 3, #100, Austin, TX 78746; (512) 327-6994.

Manufacturing Execution System

Hilco Technologies has announced the rtPM (realtime production management) system, a manufacturing execution system that supports batch and continuous process manufacturing environments at the plant-floor level.
The rtPM system supports HP-UX, IBM AIX and DEC Ultrix, as well as Windows NT. The system currently includes seven modules with prices ranging from $3,000 to $10,000 per module.
Hilco Technologies, Inc., 3300 Rider Trail So., #300, Earth City, MO 63045; (314) 298-9100.

Graphical User Interface Builder

Imperial Software Technology has introduced X-Designer, a cross-platform graphical user interface builder. X-Designer enables users to create interfaces for both Unix and Windows applications from a single design.
X-Designer supports Sun Solaris, SunOS, HP-UX, IBM AIX, AT&T GIS, SGI IRIX, SCO Open Server, Digital Unix and Ultrix, and OpenVMS. Prices start at $3,500 for the first license.
Imperial Software Technology Ltd., 120 Hawthorne Ave., #101, Palo Alto, CA 94301; (415) 688-0200.

Interface Components

Integrated Computer Solutions has introduced EnhancementPak 2.5 for OSF/Motif. The product provides a library of reusable graphical user interface components or "widgets" that can be used on Motif interfaces.
EnhancementPak 2.5 supports SunOS, Sun Solaris, SGI IRIX, IBM AIX, Digital Unix and SCO Open Server. It is priced at $2,495 for a single license.
Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc., 201 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139; (617) 621-0060.

Sort/Merge/Report Application

Innovative Routines International has introduced release 4.5 of Consort, an application package for sort, merge, report and data type conversions from mainframe to Unix environments.
Consort supports HP-UX, Digital Unix and Ultrix, IBM AIX, SCO Open Server, SGI IRIX, AT&T GIS, SunOS, Sun Solaris and Pyramid Unix. Prices start at $2,490.
Innovative Routines International, Inc., 1775 W. Hibiscus Blvd., #303, Melbourne, FL 32901; (800) 333-7678, (407) 952-9400.

Storage Management

McAfee has introduced ServerStor 2.0, a network storage management solution for NetWare servers. The product provides server backup and hierarchical storage management to protect the integrity and availability of network data.
ServerStor 2.0 has a two-year fee pricing of $7.50 per node for 1,000 nodes.
McAfee, 2710 Walsh Ave., Santa Clara, CA 95051; (408) 988-3832.

More Storage Management

Software Partners/32 has announced StorageCenter, a storage management solution made up of four applications: administration, backup and restore, media management and archiving. The product is available in enterprise and workgroup versions.
StorageCenter supports SunOS, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX and Digital Unix. The enterprise version is priced at $6,250, the workgroup version at $1,875.
Software Partners/32, Inc., 447 Old Boston Rd., Topsfield, MA 01983; (508) 887-6409.

Object-Oriented Components

Interactive Software Engineering has announced EiffelMath, a library of reusable, object-oriented components for numerical computation in financial, banking and scientific applications. EiffelMath facilitates programming of computations for areas such as probability, statistics, numerical integration and time series analysis.
EiffelMath supports SunOS, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX/6000, Digital Unix, DG-UX, SGI IRIX and SCO Open Server. Prices start at $995.
Interactive Software Engineering, 270 Storke Rd., #7, Santa Barbara, CA 93117; (805) 685-1006.


Enterprise Solutions Limited has introduced EXM/Time, an e-mail-enabled calendar solution for use with EXM Mail by Corporate Software & Technologies International. EXM/Time provides scheduling with time zone adjustment. It also provides resource management, personal calendar and information management and task management.
EXM/Time supports SunOS, HP-UX, SCO Open Server and IBM AIX. Prices vary from $120 to $40 per use.
Enterprise Solutions Limited, 2900 Townsgate Rd., #210, Westlake Village, CA 91361; (805) 449-4181.

CDE For Linux

Executive Tools has announced ET Desktop, a port of the Common Desktop Environment (CDE) graphical user interface for Linux. With ET Desktop, Unix workstation applications can be ported to Linux-based environments and vice versa.
ET Desktop is priced at $395 for a single license.
Executive Tools, P.O. Box 215, Round Rock, TX 78680; (512) 218-9600.


Notebook Computer

Tadpole Technology has introduced the Alphabook 1, a notebook computer based on a Digital Alpha 21066 microprocessor with a variable speed of up to 233MHz. Removable SCSI-2 hard disk drives are available with up to 1.2GB capacities. Two PCMCIA slots are also included.
The computer supports OpenVMS. Prices start at $13,950.
Tadpole Technology, 12012 Technology Blvd., Austin, TX 78727, (512) 219-2200.

X Terminal

Phase X Systems has introduced the SM series, a family of X terminals with a base unit that measures 9.75 by 9.25 by 1.75 inches. The product is designed for commercial point-of-sale areas and other locations that require a small footprint.
The SM series supports Sparc, SunOS, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, SGI IRIX, DEC Ultrix and IBM AIX. Prices range from $1,395 for a 9-inch monochrome or 14-inch color system to $3,595 for a 21-inch color system.
Phase X Systems, 19545 NW Von Neumann Dr., Beaverton, OR 97006; (503) 531-2400.

Tape Library

Qualstar has introduced the TLS-46120, a tape library with a capacity of 1.6 terabytes of data. The largest of eight models in the TLS-4000 family, the tape library supports up to six 8mm tape drives and 120 tape cartridges.
The TLS-46120 supports SunOS, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Digital Unix, SGI IRIX and SCO Open Server. Prices start at $25,000.
Qualstar Corp., 6709 Independence Ave., Canoga Park, CA 91303; (818) 592-0061.


Integrix has introduced the UWS1/140, an UltraSparc-compatible RISC workstation. The UWS1/140 includes a 288-bit error-correcting path, which increases performance. The UWS1/140 supports Solaris 2.5. A basic workstation is priced at $8,995.
Integrix, Inc., 1200 Lawrence Dr., #150, Newbury Park, CA 91320; (800) 300-8288, (805) 375-1055.

Communications Server

Computone has announced the Power Rack, an asynchronous communications server. The Power Rack provides serial port bit rates of up to 230.4Kbps on all serial channels.
It connects directly to an Ethernet LAN, supporting TCP/IP networking protocols. Prices start at $4,195, depending on the server components.
Computone Corp., 1100 Northmeadow Pkwy., Roswell, GA 30076; (404) 475-2725.