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A Word from Our Director of Publications

Publishing for IS Professionals: A Team Effort

UniForum's publications staff, from left to right: Leslie Zimmerman, Cedric Braun, Jeffrey Bartlett, Cheri DeBusk and Dick Shippee.

UniForum's many publications are all products of the association's publications department and, as the ringleader of this ink-stained group, I thought it was time to bring them out from behind their monitors into the glare of editorial publicity.

I date myself by using the hoary expression "ink-stained," when of course we've long since gone digital. When the first copy of our 1996 Open Systems Products Directory rolled off press, it was the first time that massive document existed on paper. All editing and proofing cycles were done online, and the final digital file went to the printer in a simple #10 envelope. UniForum's IT Solutions likewise is entirely produced electronically in-house, then sent to our printer, who takes the file directly to plates.

The desktop revolution has been a boon to associations like UniForum, giving us the means to control the look and feel of the materials we want to send to our members. The techniques of desktop publishing, online publishing and now Web-ready publishing require professionals whose skills make it possible for articles written anywhere in the world to be sent electronically to our offices where they are edited, designed, proofed and printed--sometimes all within hours of receipt.

The gang at UniForum that proudly brings you magazines, newsletters, directories, white papers, books and more has many talents. For example, Jeffrey Bartlett, executive editor, is in charge of our editorial direction. In the early 1990s Jeff helped get UniForum publications off the ground with his contributions as editor and writer in CommUNIXations and UniForum Monthly, the predecessors of UniForum's IT Solutions. He has a rare combination of skills: thorough computer industry knowledge coupled with deft writing and an eagle eye that catches sight of poor efforts long before they approach print. During the course of 10 years in the industry, Jeff has written and edited for more than a dozen IT-related publications.

Jeff is ably assisted by Cedric Braun, managing editor. Cedric, who has edited publications in the electronic defense, communications and semiconductor industries before cutting his Unix teeth at UniForum, is our "do-everything" editor--from editing magazine columns and departments and UniNews to serving as production interface. He is the editorial juggler all staffs require.

Cheri DeBusk, manager of art and production, is the magician who masters the mysteries of graphics and design tools to produce the visually pleasing pages you see in every issue. Her talents for page layout are eagerly sought also by UniForum's marketing and professional training departments, for whom she produces a wide array of materials.

Leslie Zimmerman--at age 26, already a six-year veteran at UniForum--is production assistant and the force behind the Open Systems Products Directory, driving the year-long data-acquisition and data-entry effort. She also leads our effort in getting UniNews and UniForum's IT Solutions onto the Web, having taught herself how by reading UniForum's own books on Web servers and home pages!

These folks make my job easy. I've heard many compliments from members on how our publications look, how useful their contents are and how they make UniForum membership worthwhile. The kudos go to our pubs staff: Jeff, Cedric, Cheri and Leslie. Thanks, guys!

Dick Shippee is director of publications for UniForum. He can be reached at