UniForum On-line Services Debut

1994 Open Systems Products Directory first on the Internet at

UniForum '94

Getting access to UniForum's publications and other services will be even more convenient soon with the advent of UniForum's on-line services, available through the World Wide Web. Most of these services are free.

First to go on line - and available immediately to UniForum general members - is the 1994 Open Systems Products Directory. The on-line directory is currently being demonstrated at UniForum '94 in San Francisco at the UniForum booth, No. 4421 in the North Hall, and at the booths of several UniForum corporate sponsors.

To gain access to UniForum on-line services from your own system, you must first be connected to the Internet or have access to a service that provides a World Wide Web client, such as Mosaic for graphics terminals or Lynx for character-based terminals.

National providers of Internet connections are UUNET or PSI. Further information is available by calling (800) 488-6384 for UUNET and (800) 827-7482 for PSI.

If you have Internet access but do not have a World Wide Web client, you can install Mosaic on your system by downloading the binaries or source code via anonymous ftp (file transfer protocol). Use the UNIX command ftp ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu, which connects you to the machine for Mosaic. Then get the README file and follow the instructions for downloading. Mosaic is available in versions for UNIX, Macintosh and Windows environments.

UNIX binaries live in the "/Mosaic/Mosaic-binaries" directory and are available for the DEC Alpha, DEC Mips, HP 9000 model 730, IBM RS/6000, SGI IRIX, Sun Solaris 2.3 and SunOS 4.1.3 platforms. The Macintosh version lives in "/Mac/Mosaic" and Mosaic for Windows is available in "/PC/Mosaic."

For character terminals, you can download Lynx by anonymous ftp using the UNIX command ftp ftp2.cc.ukans.edu, which connects you to the machine for Lynx. The directory on that machine from which to download is "/pub/WWW/lynx."

If you have Mosaic installed, take the following steps to access UniForum services:

  • Open a Mosaic window.

  • Type in the URL http://ftp.uniforum.org/

  • You will get a home page that will allow you to access various services as they become available. With Mosaic, you can explore your way through all the services just by clicking your mouse on a highlighted hypertext word or term, which will forward you immediately to the related screen. With Lynx, the link is accomplished by entering the number beside the linking term.

  • If you are a general member of UniForum and want to access the 1994 Open Systems Product Directory, click on that line and you will be asked whether you have ever used the products directory before. If you have never used the directory, you will be asked for your member number and to choose a password. Only general members will be allowed access. Trial or associate members can receive information on becoming a general member by calling UniForum at (800) 255-5620 or (408) 986-8840.

    (Note: Current versions of Mosaic for both the Macintosh and MS-Windows environments do not support the user authentication procedures required to sign up for the directory on line. Until newer versions of the software are released, please contact UniForum at www@uniforum.org and special arrangements will be made.)

    From that point on, whenever you access the products directory, you will see the prompt "Enter username for Directory at ftp.uniforum.org:". Enter your member number in the field supplied. Then you will be prompted for your password.

  • Once you are through the sign-on page, you can find your way through the directory in a number of ways. Indexes are available by product name, vendor, operating system and keyword. For example, if you want to find the product "Pinky's Database," you would choose the product index, then choose the letter "P." All products beginning with P would appear and you could scroll or page down the list to "Pinky's."

  • One of most convenient ways of finding the right products for your system is by using the operating system indexes. For example, if you are using Solaris and want to find a piece of mechanical engineering software, you could first choose the operating systems index, then choose Solaris. Under Solaris will be a list of software product categories in alphabetical order, one of which is Mechanical Engineering Design. When you choose that category, you will get a list of several mechanical engineering products for Solaris. Detailed information is available by choosing any one of the products.

  • You can get a list of all products of a certain vendor by first choosing the initial letter of the vendor from the Vendor Index, for example, "H" for High and Mighty Systems. Then you can pick that vendor from the H list. Or you can use the keyword index to be linked to all products containing that keyword. For example, if you choose "Automotive" from the keyword index, you will get a list of motor vehicle-related products, one of which might be "Parts Galore." Detailed information on "Parts Galore" will appear when you choose that item.

    Members who have questions or problems connecting to UniForum's on-line services may address e-mail to www@uniforum.org and a staff member will respond as soon as possible.

    In addition to the product directory, services now available on-line include:

  • General information on UniForum, including the mission statement, an employee list, board of directors list and affiliate groups list.

  • Announcements such as upcoming conferences, calls for papers and the election of members to the board of directors.

  • Information on UniForum publications.

    Printed copies of the 1994 products directory have been mailed to all general members as part of their membership benefits. Associate members or those wishing extra copies may purchase them from UniForum's customer service for $75 each, a saving of 40 percent off the list price of $125. The directory is also on sale at UniForum '94.