If you didn't get your UniForum souvenirs at the UniForum Show Store, you're not out of luck! We still have a few UniForum order from the "virtual" UniForum Store... sweat shirts, hats, mousepads and more!

A complete list of available items is below. Don't miss out! Call 1-800-255-5620 to order.

They'll be gone before you can say "See You In Dallas!"

Items:                                   Price:

1994 UniForum T-Shirt                 Sorry - SOLD OUT!
1994 UniForum Sweat Shirt                  20.00
   (Specify size when ordering
   Medium, Large or Extra Large)
1994 Mouse Pad                              5.00
1994 UniForum Hat                           5.00
1994 UniForum Cloisonne Pin                 1.00
Flashlight Key Chain                        3.00
Screwdriver Key Chain                       3.00
   (UniForum Open Systems Professional)
UniForum Backpack                          10.00
UniForum Pocket Knife                  Sorry - SOLD OUT!
UniForum Mug                                5.00
UniForum Propeller Hat                      5.00

1994 UniForum Conference Proceedings are now available. Call UniForum at (408) 986-8840 for more information.