Get UniNews in Your Electronic Mailbox

You can get your newsletter sooner on e-mail

Beginning with the May 5 issue, UniNews will be available electronically to all UniForum members who request it. This service is the latest in a series of on-line benefits being offered to members.

To receive the newsletter in your electronic mailbox, send e-mail to and include the following information in the body of the message:

  • Your request to receive UniNews via e-mail

  • Your UniForum membership number. This is the four- or five-digit number on the top line of your UniNews or UniForum Monthly address label.

  • Your name

  • Your e-mail address

  • Whether you want to see UniNews in its usual format or in straight ASCII text.

    Another way of making your request is via the World Wide Web. If you are connected to UniForum's on-line services (see UniNews, March 23) you may fill out and return an electronic form that is accessed under the UniNews heading.

    Those who request the usual format will receive UniNews via a uuencoded, compressed PostScript file and will see the newsletter as it normally appears in print except that it will be in black and white. This is the preferred format.

    Those who request ASCII text will receive all the articles in the newsletter but without pictures and special formatting.

    A major advantage of receiving UniNews via e-mail is that it will arrive much sooner - several days before the publication date instead of several days after.

    The May 5 issue will be still be mailed to everyone, including those who have requested e-mail. However, issues published after May 5 will be sent only in the format you have elected. Those who have elected e-mail will not receive a printed copy.

    To receive the May 5 issue via e-mail, please send in your request by Wednesday, April 27. Requests received thereafter will go on the list for electronic mailing on the next publication date.