Senior Systems Analyst

Seeks position as a senior systems analyst to include development and administration of UNIX-based systems.

Experience: 10 years in programmer, systems analyst and project manager positions. Areas of emphasis include UNIX and RDBMS administration, C and SQL programming languages and network integration on HP-UX platforms. Extensive experience with manufacturing, finishing and order entry applications.

Personal: B.A., computer science, University of Tennessee, Knoxville; prefer Southeast; Salary $60K+; available within 21 days.

Donald A. Stepp, phone (804) 562-3720 (home) or (804) 562-4124 (work); e-mail steppd@delphi.com.

Software Developer

Seeks position in high- or low-level software development, including client-server.

Experience: 10 years developing general management systems on LANs and SCO UNIX. Wrote interface between a mainframe and a 300-node WAN at Mercantil Bank of Brazil through a Stratus 860; system development chief at Ematex Textile.

Personal: Prefer South or North America; salary $25,000; available now.

Claudio Lacerda, phone (031) 441-8000 or fax (031) 443-1000 (Brazil).

Systems Engineer

Seeks position as systems engineer with a systems integrator, including systems configuration management, senior consulting, technology planning management, or information systems management, all in a company that offers growing opportunities in a challenging environment.

Experience: 10+ years in mainframes, midrange systems, multiuser servers and PCs. Systems engineering, projects engineering and management, systems integration, computer systems strategic planning; GCOS-64, GCOS-6, UNIX, MS-DOS.

Personal: Equivalent of bachelor's degree in computer sciences engineering, Monterrey Institute of Technology, 1983; prefer anywhere in Mexico, Southern U.S. or Minneapolis; salary $56K; available in four weeks.

UniNews Box L, UniForum Association, 2901 Tasman Dr. #205, Santa Clara, CA 95054; fax to (408) 986-1645.