Affiliate Roundup

UniNews, in keeping with an emphasis on the importance of UniForum affiliate groups, will devote increasing attention to the activities of affiliates in the United States and around the world.

Affiliates with late-breaking news should send via fax or e-mail to Don Dugdale, senior editor, fax (408) 986-1645 or e-mail

Japan UNIX Fair'93

The Japan UNIX Society newsletter reports that the three-day UNIX Fair'93, held Dec. 8-10 at the Pacifico Yokohama, had an attendance of 39,315 and 128 companies participating. That made it the largest event in their history.

The fair had the theme "UNIX Technology and Open Systems Solutions" and featured several simultaneous events: a Network Connection Test with an Internet connection demonstrating business network services; an X Window Application Corner with 40 applications in special fields shown on the X Window System; a PC Connection Corner with PCs connected to UNIX workstations; executive seminars and COSE seminars; 18 Japan UNIX Society seminars; and product and network presentations.

Unigroup Meeting Schedule

Unigroup of New York has announced the following topics to be discussed at its upcoming meetings:

May: UNIX Tools (Pearl, Awk, Sed, Shell)

June: Special Event: Meeting at PC Expo at Javits Center in New York City June 28-30; topic: Personal UNIX

July: Network Management (TCP/IP, SNMP)

October: Special Event: Meeting at UNIX Expo; topic: UNIX war stories

November: Internet Domain Name System

January 1995: Sendmail

March 1995: NFS and NIS+

Unigroup announcements may be obtained from the following sources: with a modem, dial (212) 787-4270 and log in as "unigroup" or send any e-mail message to jpradley!unigroup or, or via uucp: "uucp jpradley!~unigroup/meeting"; (212) 787-4270; login: ugny.

For information not obtainable from these sources, call J.P. Radley at (212) 391-9100. To get on the Unigroup electronic mailing list, send e-mail to or uunet!!unilist.

Ohio!UniForum Meeting

The Ohio!UniForum Cleveland Group's monthly meeting will be held May 10 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Crown Center Auditorium, lower level, 5005 Rockside Rd., Independence, Ohio.

The Cincinnati and Columbus groups also will have meetings; information is available by calling Ohio!UniForum, (216) 886-2018.

UniForum Chicago Meetings

UniForum Chicago meets the fourth Tuesday of every month except for the January annual meeting, which is held on the third Wednesday. The Board meets on the first Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. Contact the group's office at (708) 652-3888 for more details.

Hounix Meeting

Hounix, the UniForum affiliate in Houston, will hold its main meeting on May 17 on the topic of Enterprise Workgroup Software. For dinner reservations, call (713) 684-6590 by May 13. The presentation will be made by Uniplex Integration Systems Inc.