Affiliate Roundup

UniForum Argentina

Founded in 1987, UniForum Argentina is supported by more than 500 open systems professionals and sponsored by companies such as IBM, Unisys, Bull, AT&T Global Information Solutions, Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, DEC, Compaq, Oracle, Informix, Sybase, The Santa Cruz Operation and Microsoft.

UniForum Argentina offers training programs for professionals and managers, matching their interests with those of the corporate open systems computing market. UniForum Argentina also has been organizing exhibitions and seminars in the field for several years. Argentina's UniForum '92 was visited by more than 9,000 persons. UniForum '93 attracted more than 12,000 and booth sales was more than 50 percent higher than the previous year. Other activities sponsored by UniForum Argentina have been held in Buenos Aires and other cities. These "MiniForums" involved tutorials and technical/commercial seminars about subjects such as databases, communications, connectivity and operating environments.

Further information is available from Daniel Amato, phone (54-1) 326-1503.

Washington Area UNIX Users' Group

The regular meeting of the Washington Area UNIX Users' Group (WAUUG) will be held June 14 at the National Institutes of Health, Lipsett Auditorium, Building 10, 9000 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD, at 6:30 p.m. The topic will the Taligent operating system. The following month's meeting will be July 12, same time and location, on the topic "Exploring the Internet."

WAUUG also provides a monthly newsletter, training courses and seminars, special interest group sessions, discounts on the UniForum Open Systems Products Directory and the UniForum conference and trade show, and discounts on FedUNIX classes and sessions. Individual and organizational memberships are available, as well as a discounted joint WAUUG/UniForum membership.

Further information is available from the WAUUG office, phone (301) 953-3626, 9811 Mallard Drive #213, Laurel, MD 20708.

UniForum UK

UniForum United Kingdom is the sponsor of a new exhibition, Enterprise IS, to be held at London's Earl's Court in October. Organized by Blenheim On-Line, the event is progressing strongly through the planning stages, based on early responses from both open systems suppliers and users, UniForum UK reports.

The organization is also hosting a new series of half-day briefings to be held in London and other locations, should there be enough demand. Under the banner "Open Forum." The purpose of the programs is to spread the message of open systems computing to a wider audience.

The format of each event will combine formal presentations and panel sessions with impromptu discussions, The meetings are designed to foster a "club" atmosphere and provide a regular meeting place for delegates to learn more about particular computing subjects and to discuss individual matters with their peers.

Each briefing will cover one topic and will be targeted to a particular audience, such as top management, IT professional or users. For more information, contact UniForum UK, phone (44) 081-332-0446/0455 or fax (44) 081-332-0448.

UniForum New Zealand

UniForum New Zealand '94, the organization's 11th annual conference and exhibition, opens tomorrow, May 19 and runs through Saturday, in Rotorua. The conference theme is "The Open Advantage." A preliminary workshop will be held today. The event is scheduled to include introductory and in-depth topics, both technical and nontechnical. Local and international speakers

UniForum New Zealand also conducts regular seminars around the country, holds a library of overseas publications for use by members and produces a newsletter 11 times a year. Individual memberships in the organization are $85 per year, corporate memberships $425 and corporate sponsorships $990. For more information, phone the business office in Auckland at (64-9) 827-1679. Brenda Lobb is president and newsletter editor.