Conference Planning Begins for UniForum '95

Conference track planning for UniForum '95 began at a steering committee retreat facilitated by Ron Lachman, a member of the UniForum Board of Directors, and Executive Director Richard Jaross.

The planning follows in the momentum of the most successful UniForum conference in its 11-year history, which saw a paid attendance of 1,900 at the sessions.

UniForum '95 is scheduled for March 13-17 in Dallas.

The 20-member UniForum '95 Steering Committee undertook a reevaluation of the conference structure and, after an extended discussion, voted to develop sessions around the following 12 preliminary tracks:

The committee consists of representatives from the user community, vendors, analysts, editors and industry observers, consultants, members of the UniForum Board of Directors and UniForum staff.

Overall the committee concluded that UniForum's mission should be "to create the definitive conference experience that provides people with the skills, knowledge and ability they need to solve real-world problems that PCs and mainframes cannot solve alone."

To carry out that mission, committee members suggested that the following factors be considered, among others: provide usable ideas, make newcomers and those new to UNIX feel welcome, emphasize that open systems solves problems, emphasize business applications and needs, bridge technology gaps, enable an exchange of ideas, provide information that leads to action, provide real solutions for the real world, emphasize interoperability at the application level, and provide a road map from now to the future.

A call for participation in UniForum '95 has been issued. Proposals for presentations should be submitted by Aug. 1, 1994. For more information and a participation form, contact Deborah Bonnin, UniForum conference and seminar manager, at (408) 986-8840 or