UniForum Newsgroup Proposed; Voting Required

UniForum is in the process of extending its Usenet newsgroup name comp.org.uniforum to official status, to deliver better service. The association will provide in this newsgroup some of the information from its World Wide Web server. In addition, the newsgroup will provide for your questions and discussions.

This newsgroup extension involves a Usenet voting procedure, and because of the way votes are counted, a big turnout is required for approval. Please help by voting, following these steps:

Locate a Usenet article with the subject "CFV: comp.org.uniforum" in any of these six newsgroups: news.groups, news.announce.newgroups, comp.unix.misc, comp.org.ieee, comp.org.sug, comp.org.usenix. Read the article and follow the voting procedure it describes. You will send to a designated e-mail address at least this line:

I vote YES on comp.org.uniforum

Please ask your friends and fellow workers to vote. A good way to do that is to e-mail them a note that appends the call for votes. One doesn't have to be a UniForum member to vote.