Systems/Network Administrator

Seeks position as systems/network administrator.

Experience: 4+ years in systems administration, technical and user support on SCO UNIX, Solaris, OS/2 and LAN manager, DOS and Windows 3.1. Substantial exposure in Progress 4GL/RDBMS.

Personal: B.S. in computer engineering; prefer New York City, Central and Northern New Jersey; salary open; available immediately.

Jaime Rebutoc, 35 Williams Ave., Jersey City, NJ 07304-1126; phone (201) 435-5847; CompuServe 73073,3016.

Human Factors Engineer

Seeks position as human factors engineer, using object-oriented programming knowledge and distributed computing services experience to design graphical user interfaces.

Experience: 10 years of combined experience as a software engineer, technical writer and human factors engineer in the UNIX, COSE and Macintosh operating systems environments. Has worked with distributive objects in NextStep, DOE and artificial intelligence.

Personal: B.S. in liberal sciences, San Diego State University; prefer California; salary $65K+; available in mid-June.

Spencer Ivery, phone (33) 76 41 42 05 (work) or (33) 76 62 27 80 (home) or e-mail spencer.ivery@France.Sun.Com.