Affiliate News

UniForum UK Conference and Exhibition

UniForum UK will present its open systems and interoperability exhibition and conference, Enterprise IS, Oct. 18-20 at Earls Court 2, London. Philip Flaxton, commercial director of UniForum UK, announced that UniForum affiliate groups may attend the event through study tours being arranged by the event organizers.

UniForum UK predicts that Enterprise IS will include more than 100 exhibitors and will be attended by about 10,000. A conference including user demonstrations and case studies will be included.

For more information, contact Philip Flaxton, (44) 81 332 0446 (voice) or (44) 81 332 0448 (fax).

Ohio!UniForum Meetings

Ohio!UniForum meetings have been scheduled as follows for July and August. Topics are to be announced and suggestions may be phoned to (216) 886-2018:

The following topics are planned for the remainder of the year:

Membership in Ohio!UniForum is available for $20 a year, $15 for an employee of an Ohio!UniForum sponsor, free for UniForum general members, $15 for UniForum associate members. For further information, call (216) 886-2018. A free membership is available by signing up three new local Ohio!UniForum members before Sept. 30.

Hounix Meetings

The July main meeting of Hounix, the UniForum affiliate in Houston, will be held July 19 on the topic of parallel processing. Dinner reservations are due by July 15 at noon, by calling (713) 684-6590.

At the May meeting, Uniplex software developer Mark Demers presented his company's groupware and electronic messaging software to more than 40 Hounix members. Groupware, he explained, is a suite of personal productivity software shared by users in a client/server or work group computing environment. Typical modules usually include electronic messaging, calendaring, resource scheduling, document managing and directory services.