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For inclusion in the UniNews Classified Section, please provide the following information, being as specific as possible. If you do not want your name printed, please indicate in item No. 1 and UniNews will receive replies and forward them to you. Please type or write legibly. Your classified may be edited for length or clarity. UniNews "Positions Wanted" classifieds are available FREE OF CHARGE to UniForum members only. Upon receipt of your material, we will publish your classified in the next TWO available issues of the biweekly UniNews.


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You may mail or fax this form to: 
   Sandy Parker
   2901 Tasman Drive, Suite 205
   Santa Clara, CA  95054
   (408) 986-8840  (phone)
   (408) 986-1645  (fax)



Sales Account Rep

Seeks position as sales account representative.

Experience: 15 years of sales experience in multi-user business applications.

Personal: B.A. with political science major, psychology minor; prefer northwestern states; salary $80K to $100K; available in 30 days.

John Flaxman, (510) 484-5383.

Sales/Sales Management

Seeks position in sales or sales management.

Experience: 20 years in sales and marketing of software and hardware.

Personal: B.S., mathematics; M.S. computer science, MIT; prefer northwest or southwest; salary $80K to $100K; available in two weeks.

Box O-UniNews, UniForum Association, 2901 Tasman Dr. #205, Santa Clara, CA 95054; fax (408) 986-1645.

Analyst/Technical Consultant

Seeks position as analyst or technical consultant.

Experience: 9+ years in multiplatform environments, UNIX, VAX/VMS, DOS, NetWare, Windows 3.1; Windows 3.1; C/C++, Fortran, Pascal, Visual Basic, Paradox PAL, BASIC, assembly languages, relay ladder logic; 2 years system analysis design, configuration, exposure to Servio ODBMS and SmallTalk.

Personal: B.S., physics, Clarkson University, Potsdam, N.Y.; prefer Cedar Rapids, IA, or Kansas City; salary open; available immediately.

Derick Deleo, (319) 363-1167 or CompuServe 71003,2355.

Systems Operations, Communications

Seeks position in systems operations and communications.

Experience: 13 years in UNIX operations and communications.

Personal: A.A., computer science, Abraham Baldwin College, Tifton, GA; prefer western North Carolina; salary $30K to $35K; available January 1995.

Box P-UniNews, UniForum Association, 2901 Tasman Dr. #205, Santa Clara, CA 95054; fax (408) 986-1645.

Vice President/Director of Software Development

Seeks position as vice president or director of software development for a post-startup high-tech company.

Experience: 19+ years in software development, project management, product evaluation and business planning. Held senior positions at two startup companies. Currently manager of computer product center.

Personal: B.S., EE, Alexandria University (Egypt); B.S., math, London University; M.S. and Ph.D., engineering-economic systems/computer science, Stanford University; prefer San Francisco Bay Area; salary $90K to $100K; available September/October.

Box N-UniNews, UniForum Association, 2901 Tasman Dr. #205, Santa Clara, CA 95054; fax (408) 986-1645.

Senior Software Engineer

Seeks contract to accomplish a defined mission as senior software engineer.

Experience: UNIX computer scientist; defense electronics/ECM, utility power generation, real-time control/DAC, transaction databases, simulation, kernel architecture, technical writing.

Personal: M.S., computer science, Farleigh Dickinson University; prefer central Virginia, will travel; contract negotiable; seeking clients now.