Portable Operating Systems Rank First Among IT Needs

X/Open user survey shows applications, security close runners-up

Users rank portable operating systems, client/server applications, and system and network security their three top priorities in supporting business functions, according to preliminary results of an annual open systems user survey taken by X/Open Co.

X/Open's Xtra 1994 World Survey was conducted in 41 nations and eight languages. The survey received replies from 889 respondents, each representing a company or major division of a company that buys information technology. The survey participants were contacted through 90 IT user groups such as the Amdahl User Group Europe, the Cray User Group, and the Computer Society of South Africa.

X/Open conducts the survey to obtain information for its technical programs but also makes the results available to the public. A report on this year's survey will be available in September. Full results will be presented at the X/Open Xtra World Congress in Washington, D.C., Sept. 12-15.

Here is what the preliminary results show:

User group members throughout the world were surveyed but the geographical distribution of the replies was controlled by those willing to complete the survey form, according to an X/Open spokesperson. As a result, 44 percent of the responses came from Europe, 24 percent from industrialized Asia, 18 percent from North America and 14 percent from the rest of the world. Those from Asia in particular "tend to be more willing to respond to surveys of this type." said Jeff Hansen, X/Open's director of marketing communications.

The average enterprise revenue of the companies responding is $1.3 billion per year and the average external IT budget is $24 million. Fifty percent of the companies employ more than 1,000 persons. Twenty-four percent of those responding were senior executives, 43 percent were IT managers and 18 percent were IT technical support people.

For more information readers can call X/Open at (415) 323-7992.