UniNews Recruitment and Positions Wanted


Software Operations

Seeks position in software operations.

Experience: order management, software production, shipping/receiving, pacing release cycle, customer support; 7 years experience in operations; well versed in UNIX; developed department from scratch.

Personal: B.A. in mathematics, M.B.A. Long Beach State University; salary open; available now. Chuck Niedle, phone (408) 446-9469.

Product Manager

Seeks position as product manager for a fast-growing software company.

Experience: 16+ years of multilevel experience and a strong record of achievement in hardware and software products. Resourceful team player with a wide range of well-developed marketing and business administration skills. Excellent interpersonal, public speaking and writing skills.

Personal: M.B.A., St. Mary's College, Moraga, CA; M.S., University of Connecticut; salary range $70K to $80K; prefer San Francisco Bay Area; available now.

Box Q-UniNews, UniForum Association, 2901 Tasman Dr. #205, Santa Clara, CA 95054; fax (408) 986-1645.

MIS Development

Seeks position in MIS development using high/low level languages.

Experience: 8 years developing general management systems, using network protocols, 4GLs, high/low level languages, SCO UNIX, large TCP/IP and NFS, sockets, NetWare and Windows for Workgroups.

Personal: Salary range $30K; no geographical preference; available now.

Claudio Lacerda, phone +55 31 441-8000 or fax +55 31 443-1000 (Brazil).

Sales Account Rep

Seeks position as sales account representative.

Experience: 15 years of sales experience in multi-user business applications.

Personal: B.A. with political science major, psychology minor; prefer northwestern states; salary $80K to $100K; available in 30 days.

John Flaxman, (510) 484-5383.

Sales/Sales Management

Seeks position in sales or sales management.

Experience: 20 years in sales and marketing of software and hardware.

Personal: B.S., mathematics; M.S. computer science, MIT; prefer northwest or southwest; salary $80K to $100K; available in two weeks.

Box O-UniNews, UniForum Association, 2901 Tasman Dr. #205, Santa Clara, CA 95054; fax (408) 986-1645.

Analyst/Technical Consultant

Seeks position as analyst or technical consultant.

Experience: 9+ years in multiplatform environments, UNIX, VAX/VMS, DOS, NetWare, Windows 3.1; Windows 3.1; C/C++, Fortran, Pascal, Visual Basic, Paradox PAL, BASIC, assembly languages, relay ladder logic; 2 years system analysis design, configuration, exposure to Servio ODBMS and SmallTalk.

Personal: B.S., physics, Clarkson University, Potsdam, N.Y.; prefer Cedar Rapids, IA, or Kansas City; salary open; available immediately.

Derick Deleo, (319) 363-1167 or CompuServe 71003,2355.

Systems Operations, Communications

Seeks position in systems operations and communications.

Experience: 13 years in UNIX operations and communications.

Personal: A.A., computer science, Abraham Baldwin College, Tifton, GA; prefer western North Carolina; salary $30K to $35K; available January 1995.

Box P-UniNews, UniForum Association, 2901 Tasman Dr. #205, Santa Clara, CA 95054; fax (408) 986-1645.