System Administration

Seeks full-time position as UNIX system administrator/analyst.

Experience: 7+ years managing and administering UNIX-based systems, including performance and capacity management and system requirements analysis. Additional duties include technical writing (developing training materials), teaching UNIX courses, second and third level customer support and ADP Planning.

Personal: U.S. Army Center for Professional Development in conjunction with the University of Maryland, 198 credits; salary $60K+ depending on location; prefer New Jersey, Maryland, D.C., Virginia, or California; available 2-4 weeks after acceptance of an offer.

Box R-UniNews, UniForum Association, 2901 Tasman Dr. #205, Santa Clara, CA 95054; fax (408) 986-1645.

Software Operations

Seeks position in software operations.

Experience: order management, software production, shipping/receiving, pacing release cycle, customer support; 7 years' experience in operations; well versed in UNIX; developed department from scratch.

Personal: B.A. in mathematics, M.B.A. Long Beach State University; salary open; available now.

Chuck Niedle, phone (408) 446-9469.

Product Manager

Seeks position as product manager for a fast-growing software company.

Experience: 16+ years of multilevel experience and a strong record of achievement in hardware and software products. Resourceful team player with a wide range of well-developed marketing and business administration skills. Excellent interpersonal, public speaking and writing skills.

Personal: M.B.A., St. Mary's College, Moraga, CA; M.S., University of Connecticut; salary range $70K to $80K; prefer San Francisco Bay Area; available now.

Box Q-UniNews, UniForum Association, 2901 Tasman Dr. #205, Santa Clara, CA 95054; fax (408) 986-1645.

MIS Development

Seeks position in MIS development using high/low level languages.

Experience: 8 years developing general management systems, using network protocols, 4GLs, high/low level languages, SCO UNIX, large TCP/IP and NFS, sockets, NetWare and Windows for Workgroups.

Personal: Salary range $30K; no geographical preference; available now.

Claudio Lacerda, phone +55 31 441-8000 or fax +55 31 443-1000 (Brazil).