OS Industry Hiring Professionals Know The Source is UniNews

Hiring professionals in the open systems industry face real challenges in today's competitive marketplace. They don't have time to waste. So they look to the right sources to attract the right candidates. They know that one of the best places to advertise for highly qualified open systems professionals is in UniNews.

UniNews is the twice monthly official newsletter of the UniForum Association - the world's largest organization of open systems professionals. UniNews goes by mail and by E-mail to 11,000 computer industry readers - all of them members of UniForum.

UniNews readers are intensely interested in their careers. They read UniNews for information and news they can trust and act on. You can reach these same receptive people with your recruitment advertising - at low cost.

Space in each issue is limited and is on a first reserved basis. For complete information, samples and rates please fax us at UniNews Jobs - (408) 986-1645; or by E-mail to dick@uniforum.org, or write us at UniNews, 2901 Tasman Drive, Suite 205, Santa Clara, CA 95054.