System Integration/Technical Sales Support

Seeks position in system integration and support or technical sales support.

Experience: 17 years technical experience including hardware, software, operating systems, and networking; 8 years UNIX support and development; 4 years PC-UNIX LAN/WAN integration and development support. Strongest language: C. Informix online background. AT&T/GIS SVR4 SMP systems, Sun/Solaris, UTS, and DOS/Windows. TCP/IP, StarLAN, LanManager (UNIX-based). Significant understanding and experience with the AT&T Toll Network.

Personal: B.S., EE technology, DeVry, Kansas City; M.S., computer science, Illinois Institute of Technology; prefer Kansas City metropolitan area; salary $55K to $70K; available two weeks after accepting offer.

Curtis K. Olinger, AT&T BCS SMTS, 1100 Walnut, RM 812-3, Kansas City, MO 64106;; (816) 654-4047; fax (816) 654-2076.

Information Services Manager

Seeks position as information services manager or in software development, preferably in a small shop.

Experience: 15+ years of professional experience; 12+ years programming; BASIC and Cobol; Burroughs and Wang Labs systems. Four years in data center management of Wang Labs systems. Knowledgeable in UNIX System V release 3.2, MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, and IBM OS/2 release 2.1, Wang Labs OS VS. Some knowledge of MS Windows NT 3.1.

Personal: B.A., business administration, Mankato State College, Mankato, MN; programmer training from IBM; EDP audit training from Bank Administration Institute; prefer Missouri, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, or Arizona; salary open; available immediately.