The MOSES Whitepapers

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The Collected Whitepapers from the Massive Open Systems

Environment Standard

For the first time in one volume, the collected Whitepapers from MOSES: The Massive Open Systems Environment Standard are now available from UniForum.

The MOSES Project is a collective effort by large open systems shops to define the operational production environment needed to ensure the highest levels of system availability and reliability. The Whitepapers are aimed primarily at MIS professionals who operate large data centers, especially those in UNIX environments. The contributors are all experts who wrote the selections as part of their efforts to improve their own shops and to create a dialog on the best practices for perfecting the UNIX data center. The Whitepapers, while written by and for UNIX operations, are largely applicable to any operating system or database.

The MOSES Whitepapers are arranged as 12 stand-alone chapters that can be used individually or as a collection to provide data center operators with the guidelines they need to perform their duties more efficiently.

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