Third International WWW Conference Set For Germany

Fraunhofer Institute to Host April '95 Gathering

The Third International World Wide Conference's theme of "Technology, Tools and Applications" underscores the direction the Web is taking as it rapidly moves out of the academic realm and into the mainstream computing environment. The amazing growth of the Web is nowhere better seen than in the growth of the WWW Conference itself. The first meeting, last May at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, drew a capacity audience of 400. The second conference, just completed in Chicago, quickly sold out its 1,000 places and had a waiting list of hundreds more. The Third Conference is now scheduled for Apr. 10-14 in Darmstadt, Germany. If the past is any guide, interested parties should make plans now and not risk disappointment. Information on the Third International Conference is available from the Conference Server:

Hosting the Conference in Darmstadt will be the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics; the conference chair is Detlef Kroemker. The WWW '95 Conference Secretariat can be reached c/o Fraunhofer IGD, Wilhelminestrasse 7, D 64283, Darmstadt, Germany, and by e-mail at

According to Kroemker, the aim of the conference is to bring together researchers, developers, and users working with the WWW and to provide them with the opportunity to share current knowledge about the technology, tools, and applications of the Web. Conference topics that advance the technology and ease of use of the Web will be of primary interest to conference organizers who will put out the Call For Papers on Oct. 30. Again, the Conference Server should be scanned for more details on the Call for Papers. Topics of interest to the Conference Committee will include Authoring Environments, Kiosk Systems, Retrieval and Resource Discovery, Computer-based Training and Teaching, New Applications, Commercial Use, Charging and Security, A Virtual Reality Web, Tools and Browsers, and Protocol Evolution and Extensions.

In addition to invited papers, there will also be an Exhibition and Industrial Seminars. The exhibit will be open for the presentation of equipment, systems, software, services, literature, and any other product of importance to the Web. The industrial seminars will be forums for companies taking part in the exhibit to expound on the technical details of their products. Companies interested in taking part in the exhibit and seminar program should send e-mail to

To make the Conference even more complete, there will be tutorials at all levels of expertise where new skills can be learned or enhanced. These tutorials will be on the opening Monday, Apr. 10. The organizers invite suggestions for tutorials; those interested should send e-mail to Similarly, there will be workshops on specific topics lead by experts and again, proposers of workshops should contact the organizers by email at Finally, Developer's Day (set for Friday, Apr. 14), will provide the opportunity to discuss the evolution of Web technology among developers. Those wishing to submit positioning statements for this program are invited to send e-mail to

The Third International WWW Conference is directed by the International WWW Conference Committee, comprised of Jean-Francois Abramatic (INRIA), Tim Berners-Lee (CERN-MIT), Robert Caillau (CERN), Ira Goldstein (OSF-RI), Corinne Moore (UniForum Association), Joseph Hardin (NCSA), Tim Krauskopf (Spyglass), Detlef Kroemker (Fraunhofer IGD), Rick Rodgers (U.S. National Library of Medicine), Yuri Rubinsky (SoftQuad), Al Vezza (MIT), and Stuart Weibel (On-Line Computer Library Center). The committee invites you to visit beautiful Darmstadt, which is surrounded by the recreational regions of the Odenwald and Bergstrasse. Darmstadt is centrally located in Germany and accessible most conveniently by air through Frankurt (the largest airport in Germany).