Hungarian Show Features Open Systems

OpenShow '94, taking place Nov. 21-22 in the Hotel Gellert in Budapest, is the largest open systems show ever to come to Hungary. Organized by UniForum Hungary and co-sponsored by Hungarian computer organizations and newspapers, the event will feature technical sessions, panel debates, and exhibits by major computer vendors.

The show's keynote speaker will be Peter Hanak, a well-known networking expert in Hungary and vice president of the Hungarian Von Neumann Society. He will speak about "The Internet Revolution and the Information Superhighway." Corinne Moore, UniForum director of marketing, will also deliver a keynote address, on UNIX unification.

As part of the exhibits, the new Bull ESCALA computer will be shown, as well as fast Ethernet and switched Ethernet solutions, forming a small-high-speed demonstration network. Teleconferencing and other multimedia applications will also be demonstrated.

OpenShow tutorials will include Open Systems Fundamentals, Basics of TCP/IP Communication, Basics of Quality Assurance, Internet Workshop, and Introduction to Microsoft NT. Panel discussions will encompass two topics: Operating Systems of the 21st Century and High-speed Networks. Technical sessions will include UNIX as a Corporate Server, Desktop Computing, Open Networking, and Development of Open Applications.

Co-sponsors of the event, in addition to UniForum Hungary, are MK Miniszterelnoki Hivatal Informatikai Koordinacios Iroda, Hungarian UNIX User Group, IIF Programiroda, UNIX Alapitvany, Computerworld Szamitastechnika, Infopen, Heti Chip, and Monitor.