UniNews online is written and produced by the UniForum publications staff:

Richard R. Shippee, Director of Communications
Jean Bozman, Don Dugdale, Dom Panucci, Contributing Editors
Deborah Martell, Manager of Art and Production
Leslie Zimmerman, Production Assistant


UniNews online is an electronic publication of UniForum©, copyright 1997. Articles may be reprinted or redistributed electronically as long as credit is given as follows: "Reprinted from the [date] issue of UniNews online, copyright [year], UniForum Association."

UniNews online provides news and information for the UniForum Association membership, and for the community of users and vendors of advanced computing systems based on the model of open systems. Unix is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries, licensed exclusively through X/Open Company, Ltd. UniForum is a trademark of UniForum.


UniForum Board of Directors

Jeanne M. Baccash
Executive Vice President, UniForum
Assistant Vice President
Network & Systems Management Product Group
NCR Corp.
Lincroft, NJ
E-mail: jeanne.baccash@lincroftnj.ncr.com

Alan Fedder
Vice President of Marketing, UniForum
Executive Director
Washington Area UNIX Users' Group
Columbia, MD
E-mail: afedder@wauug.org

Wayne Fowler
Fowler & Associates
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
E-mail: wfowler@netcom.ca

Tsvi Gal
(Ex officio)
Executive Vice President and CIO
Chicago, IL
E-mail: tsvi.gal@aol.com

Rob Gingell
Chief Scientist, Vice President and Sun Fellow
Mountain View, CA
E-mail: gingell@sun.com

Ronald Lachman
Chairman and Founder
Internet Dynamics, Inc.
Northbrook, IL
E-mail: ron@interdyn.com

Fred Luiz
General Manager
Open Systems Software Division
Hewlett-Packard Co.
Cupertino, CA
E-mail: fred_luiz@hp.com

Michael Prince
Chief Financial Officer, UniForum
Director of Information Services
Burlington Coat Factory
Etna, NH
E-mail: mike.prince@coat.com

Michael Tilson
President, UniForum
Chief Information Officer
Santa Cruz, CA
E-mail: mike@sco.com

Donna Van Fleet
Vice President
Business Line Management, RS/6000 Division
IBM Corp.
Austin, TX
E-mail: dvanflee@austin.ibm.com

Tom Mace
Secretary to the Board, UniForum
Santa Clara, CA
E-mail: tom@uniforum.org


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