UniForum Welcomes New Corporate Sponsors




Pioneer-Standard Electronics, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, is a distributor of computer products and industrial electronic components. Its Computer Systems and Services Division, through the Pioneer Business Partner Program, provides a broad range of products and services for VARs.

With sales of $1.3 billion for the year ended March 31, 1996, Pioneer is ISO-9002 certified and serves customers from over 50 locations in the United States and Canada. Additional information about Pioneer and its business partners can be found on the World Wide Web at http:/www.pios.com.



Cybermation is a private Canadian company that has been delivering systems management solutions since 1982, and has a focused expertise in enterprise-wide scheduling and workload management. Recognized for its best-of-breed solutions, Cybermation's many customers are primarily Fortune 500 class organizations in North America.

By responding directly to customers' needs, Cybermation has provided a fully integrated solution for the centralized management of distributed workload: Enterprise Systems Platform, or ESP. ESP Workload Manager allows you to standardize by implementing a single, reliable tool which gives you workload management capabilities across all significant computing platforms. You can manage workload in the same way, regardless of where it runs. This saves time, reduces errors, eases maintenance, eliminates the need for re-training staff, and provides a long-term solution. ESP allows you to schedule and manage dependencies between work on one platform and that on another - between MVS jobs and UNIX scripts, for example.

Cybermation provides integrated business automation solutions for heterogeneous computing environments, including ESP Workload Manager for multiple platform job scheduling and workload management (MVS, Windows NT, HP-UX, Sun O/S and Sun Solaris, AIX, AS/400, Sequent, Pyramid DC-OSx, AT&T and OS/2), ESP Workstation for enterprise scheduling from the desktop, ESP Encore for rerun and restart control, ESP Console Manager for console automation, ESP Communication Manager for local to remote ESP communications, and DJC for real-time resource control. Go to http://www.cybermation.com


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