UniForum Background Information

Since its inception in 1981, UniForum has served as a professional association for developers, vendors and end users to promote and exchange information about the benefits of open systems and related hardware, software, applications and standards. UniForum is the largest worldwide organization of its kind, representing a strong cross-section of IS professionals who are employed by computer and software vendors and end-users. UniForum general members include:
In 1981, the Unix platform was just emerging and there were no centralized resources in place to support this growth environment. UniForum was founded by a group of engineers and entrepreneurs who sought to provide a forum for individuals and companies interested in Unix and open systems. The initial goals of the UniForum founders still hold true today:

-- To promote the understanding and use of open systems
-- To provide leadership in the development of industry cooperation and standards
-- To provide educational benefits to association members including educational conferences and seminars, and informative publications

For more than a decade, UniForum has been committed to open systems because it provides end users with a complete technology environment that supports interoperability between existing installed systems and new technologies. Open systems also gives users a choice in the technologies they choose to support in developing their open, as opposed to, proprietary systems.

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