UniForum Editorial Advisory Board

UniForum's publications maintain an Editorial Advisory Board. The Board meets via teleconference and e-mail, and advises the editorial staff on setting topics for future issues of UniForum's IT Solutions. The Board was recently instrumental in helping UniForum's IT Solutions rechart its editorial course to focus more on end user features with a heavier emphasis on tutorials and case studies.

Members are solicited by the staff Director of Publications.
Current members of the Editorial Advisory Board are:
Tsvi Gal
Bank of America

Ted Hanss
University of Michigan

Ron Hawkins
Millipore Corporation

Bill Holt
US West NewVector

Don Nix
Southwestern Bell

Dan Poulin
KPMG Peat Marwick

David Sherr
J.P. Morgan

Percy (Cy) Young
Burlington Coat Factory

Jeff Bartlett
UniForum Association

Dick Shippee
UniForum Association

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